Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The season of "appeal"!

Dear folks..how are you guys doing? Am very sure many were elevated by joys of hearing the KL High Court judgement that Nizar is the rightful MB for Perak! Bravo...victory for democracy. Although Zambry just got a stay of execution this morning, the momentum for change is on our side. No matter what they do now, they just can't stop that momentum from the people. Just one way out - go back to the ballot box...period! Win or lose, Perakians should decide. BN should be thankful that they have a chance to be the rightful government again, if they can convince the people.

Put the Perak issue aside, there are many other issues that need our attention. Starting yesterday, it's the time again of the year - the season of "appeal" for top SPM students who failed to get the PSD scholarships. I used to joke that after you scored straight As in your SPM, you still have to sit for another paper - the paper to appeal! The "season" was "launched" by a complaint by 5 top SPM students from Malacca who told that one of the interviewer who interviewed them said the new policy is to keep the cream of the crop within the country. It means that if you are the top scorer, you will probably not get an overseas scholarship. I'm not sure is that the new policy but i'm pushing for an official answer from the government.

I highligted the plight of one of the top scorers from KGV Seremban through the media this afternoon. She scored 10 A1 and 1 A2, very active in extra curicular, went for National Service, her father served in TUDM before and answered confidently in the interview and yet she failed. Not even an offer to study in local universities. She reported for Form 6 but the school felt strongly that she should not be there doing Form 6.

I feel strongly for those students and are very willing to voice up their plights. I went through STPM and i know the pressure of it. I will personally bring up the cases to Nazri who is the Minister in-charge of PSD.


P130 voter said...

Forget JPA, apply to Singapore. They are usually more than willing to take in bright people.

Singapore government very happy, M'sian nurture from 7 - 17 y/o (10 years of free education), we just grab their creme de la creme, give them 3-4 years education, bond them for a few years, give them PR to boot and voila... another brain-gain.

SG government to M'sia: Ha ha ha ha

P130 voter

P130 voter said...

1) Many bright students are only thinking of taking the university route to gainful employment.

2) Many are not aware that there are other avenues to get on the road of success.

3) Many bright students may not have consider work & study. There are many professional courses one can partake as a working adult. ACCA, CIMA, CIM, CFP, CFA etc... and many others.

4) Work & Study is a very interesting concepts because you are into the real world much quicker than your university peers and real life experience are very valuable.

5) I personally have graduated from two professional programs, currently running a business and I think the concept of work & study is undervalued by the M'sia students.

Just my two sen and a half.

P130 voter

Anonymous said...

Harapkan JPA untuk mendapat biasiswa susahlah sikit. Jika ada talian kabel dengan JPA mungkin ada harapan walaupun keputusan kurang cemerlang.

Anak saudara saya menuntut di KGV Seremban mendapat 8A1 dalam pepereksaan SPM tahun 2005 memohon untuk memasuki Universiti Tempatan tapi gagal. Yang menghairankan rakan beliau mendapat keputusan kurang memuaskan iaitu 4A1 dan 4A2 diterima masuk ke USM Pulau Pinang.

Kerana gagal untuk melanjutkan pelajaran di Universiti Tempatan beliau bekerja dan mengambil ACCA secara sambilan. Walau pun teruk bekerja sebelah siang namun untuk mencapai cita citanya beliau gigih untuk belajar sebelah malam

Pengundi P130 said...

Wahai saudara/saudari anonymous,

Seperti yang saya telah katakan terdahulu, belajar sambil berkerja adalah satu kaedah untuk mendapat kerjaya yang cermelang. Ramai anak-anak muda sekarang ini terlalu fokus kepada universiti sahaja.

Program-program professional dan separa professional seperti CIMA, ACCA dan sebagainya adalah program yang mampu setanding dengan ijazah universiti. Ada universiti juga ambil graduan-graduan professional ini untuk memasuki program sarjana muda (masters). Ini menunjukkan program-program professional ini tidak kurang berbanding dengan ijazah univeristi.

Dan selebihnya, pelajar-pelajar yang bekerja sambil belajar mampu menimpa "real world experience" yang sangat manfaat.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Pengundi P130

Anonymous said...

Practically every year, those bright students with many As are usually not selected, so if you want your children to get scholarship from JPA or enter into local U, tell them not to study hard .....just get 3 or 4 As enough.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

there is not a part of this country that is clean neat and in orderly fashion...NS is no exception.....

i have been telling all DAP state assemblymen to organize more gotong royong and win the hearts of the rakyat but it has fallen on deaf ears.

come next general election DAP will lose like shit...

we voted for changes but where are the changes..

except charles santiago the king of gotong royong..he knows how to win over new customers/voters...