Sunday, September 21, 2008

Orang Asli

Together with the DAP State Assemblyman for Bukit Kepayang Cha Kee Chin, I have visited an Orang Asli settlement in Kampung Sebir, Labu (within Rasah parliamentary constituency) this morning. We had a meeting with their Village Chief whom they call "Tok Batin" and other villagers. The meeting was full of customs (ADAT) where everyone have to be seated on the floor and those turned up wore their traditional headgear.

The meeting was like a court session, some sort like a "Mahkamah Adat" to discuss a particular case against an "outsider". The "outsider" is a businessman who have tress passed their customary land. A few trees have been chopped and this really angered the Orang Asli. The meeting was to discuss the "sentence" against the tress passer. However, they have not decided on the "sentence" today and have to postpone the session till next week to decide on the judgement.

It is really an exciting experience for me to see and "feel" the customs of the indigenous people, the Bumiputera of Malaysia. This group have always been forgotten and neglected. They should be given due attention.

By the way, I will be visiting China tomorrow and will not be back until next Monday. Might not be able to update this blog so frequently.
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Thank you for your support and prayers!

On behalf of DAP Negeri Sembilan, I would like to thank all of you who have showed your support, sympathy and solidarity with Sdri Teresa Kok during her 7-days detention under the draconian ISA. Your support and prayers have definitely helped her for an early release though she should not be detained in the first place. I am very touched by the support by the public who have turned up at our various candle-light vigil organized by DAP NS whether in Seremban, Tampin or Lukut in the span of one week.

Although Teresa have been released now, the campaign to abolish the draconian ISA must go on. There are still many detainees incarcerated including Raja Petra, the HINDRAF 5 and many others. We should never let the Barisan Nasional regime to continue to use ISA as a tool to protect their political dynasty and ensure their own survival.

Lets continue to stand up against injustices and our rights for a better Malaysia!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Candle light vigil to support Teresa Kok!

Attended a thousand-people dinner organized by our Tampin branch last night at the compound of our Repah's assemblyman service center at Taman Indah, Tampin. We sold more than 100 tables and it was the largest dinner ever held by DAP in Tampin. The dinner crowd were very supportive and attentive. They stayed to listen to all speeches till 11 p.m.

To show our support, sympathy and solidarity to Sdri Teresa Kok and other ISA detainees we held a candle-light vigil during the dinner. The venue was lit up by more than 1000 candles. It was a very touching moment. I captured the above image from the stage. Although it was just a simple act together, it was very meaningful to express our support.

DAP Negeri Sembilan will be holding another candle-light vigil ceremony as part of our nation-wide Support, Sympathy and Support Teresa Kok campaign. The details as follows:

Date: 18th September (Thursday)
Time: 7.00 p.m.
Venue: In front of DAP NS state headquarters (near Lobak junction)
Contact: 06-763 4525

I urge supporters and sympathizers in Seremban to turn up tomorrow night to show your support. Our peaceful gathering and silent support is strong enough to show the regime that we are strongly against injustices and the use of ISA against civilians.
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Protect Media Freedom!

Together with other state DAP leaders, I went to the Sin Chew Daily office in Seremban this afternoon to show our support and solidarity with our media friends. The arrest of Tan Hoon Cheng under the ISA although for only less than 24 hours was a black mark in our democracy. Media freedom and democracy goes hand in hand.

Media is the soul of the society. Without a free media, it is like a soulless society. Therefore, we must protect our rights to information and media freedom. DAP is committed in preserving the independence of the media and we vow that if PAKATAN takes over the federal government, abolishment of the ISA and other draconian laws are high on our agenda.

Although Hoon Cheng already freed from ISA, lets not forget that there are still many innocent citizens who are in ISA detention. Teresa Kok and Raja Petra are still inside and we shall never forget the HINDRAF 5 who are in Kamunting. Please continue to show your support and solidarity with them. Please continue to stand up to be counted to call for a more democratic and freer society in our beloved country.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today is the 15th day of the 8th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. It is the Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival. It is the second most important festival for the Chinese community. I attended a religious event in a Buddhist Temple in Temiang this morning. In my brief speech, i said i don't have any festive mood today over what had happened in the last 48 hours. And especially one of my comrade Sdri Teresa Kok lost her freedom temporarily. Worst still, she can't even have mooncake with her aged parents tonight! Can you imagine how her parents feel?

Many people asked; why Teresa Kok? Teresa is a well-liked politician not only among DAP fraternity but also among BN and UMNO politicians. You can always see her talking and discussing matters with BN Ministers in the Parliament lounge. Can someone like her be a threat to national security?

It all started by a nasty accusation by Khir Toyo which was picked up by Utusan Malaysia. They accused Teresa of protesting against the Azan in a mosque in Puchong and claimed that Teresa ordered the mosque management not to use PA system for Azan (Islamic call for Muslims in the vicinity to pray in the morning). Teresa had immediately denied the accusation and the mosque committee came out with a statement to clarify the matter.
What happened was a group of residents signed a petition to the mosque to lower the volume for the loudspeaker during their religious ceramah session. The petition was sent before the last election which Teresa was not elected as ADUN for Kinrara yet. It is usual that petitions sent by residents to the BN elected reps always fall on deaf ears.

This incident reminds me of my own dilemma of a similar issue in a residential area in Seremban. The representative of the residents sent me a copy of the signed petition to protest against the use of loudspeaker in a temporary surau located in a house (the proper surau in that area is not built yet) during the election campaign. I promised them to look into the matter after the election. They are not against the surau or the Azan but they hope the temporary surau do not use the loudspeaker during ceramah session and lower the volume during Azan.

On the day of my swearing-in as ADUN, I spoke to the Menteri Besar regarding the issue and asked him what is the state's policy on surau located at houses. He told me firmly that no surau is allowed to operate in a house and claimed that the surau might be operated by members of the opposition and asked me to talk to them instead.
Till today, i have never went to talk the surau committee as i know that my presence will be misconstrued as confronting a religious issue and deepen the misunderstandings among Muslims and non-Muslims in that area. I do not want that to happen. I took other approaches to deal with the matter.

I have asked my Muslim colleagues in Pakatan to talk to the committee. I know they faced dilemma too as they can be accused of compromising their own religion. I went to the State Majlis Agama Islam twice and discussed the issue with the Director and plead him to mediate the issue among residents there. I do not want the issue to be prolonged. I am not sure what is the outcome yet.

I also asked the developer to help the committee to build a proper surau asap. Some residents blamed the developer for not informing them about the location of the surau and demanded the developer to buy back their houses.

Now, as an elected representative, what should i do? At one hand, some residents are talking about the effects to their daily life. On the other, it is a religious obligation. How do we strike a balance? This is the biggest challenge faced by elected reps in mixed constituency. I don't have an answer. I really hope someone can enlighten me on this.

In my speech this morning, i urge the Buddhist monks to educate Buddhists of how to handle this kind of situation. Wisdom is very important in such a situation. I believe every religion teaches their believers to be a good human being and be peace-loving. However, inter-religious understanding in our society is yet to mature and really needs to be strengthened.

I am sure 916, ISA and Teresa Kok will be hot topics in conversations in many family reunions tonight. Put that aside awhile, lets look up to the moon and enjoy a piece of mooncake tonight. Double yolk "lian yong" and "Kam Tui" from Kam Lun Tai are my all-time favourites! I helped my parents to sell mooncake in my teenage years. We were agent for Kam Lun Tai in Seremban those days.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Condemn ISA arrest!

Kenyataan media oleh Pengerusi DAP Negeri Sembilan merangkap Ahli Parlimen Rasah Loke Siew Fook pada 13 September 2008 di Seremban.

DAP Negeri Sembilan mengutuk dengan sekeras-kerasnya penyalahgunaan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri ke atas blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, wartawan Sin Chew Daily Tan Hoon Cheng dan Setiausaha Organisasi Kebangsaan DAP Sdri Teresa Kok

DAP Negeri Sembilan dengan sekeras-kerasnya mengutuk dan mengecam tindakan rejim Barisan Nasional yang sekali lagi menyalahgunakan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) ke atas tiga individu semalam iaitu blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, wartawan Sin Chew Daily Tan Hoon Cheng dan Setiausaha Organisasi Kebangsaan DAP Sdri Teresa Kok yang juga merupakan EXCO Kanan Selangor dan Ahli Parlimen Seputeh.

Tindakan rejim Barisan Nasional menggunakan ISA menunjukkan mereka semakin terdesak dengan tuntutan perubahan oleh rakyat dan pergolakan yang semakin meruncing dalam krisis kepimpinan UMNO. Penangkapan ISA ini merupakan satu langkah untuk mengaburi mata rakyat dan memesongkan penumpuan rakyat daripada masalah peralihan kuasa dalam UMNO kepada isu yang lain.

Apakah yang telah dilakukan oleh ketiga-tiga tahanan tersebut yang dikatakan mengancam keselamatan dan kestabilan Negara? Seorang ialah blogger yang hanya menulis dalam portalnya, seorang ialah wartawan yang tugasnya melaporkan apa yang diperkatakan oleh orang politik dan seorang lagi ialah pemimpin kanan sebuah kerajaan negeri. Kami cukup kesal dengan penahanan wartawan yang melaporkan isu Ahmad Ismail yang mengeluarkan kata-kata yang menyinggung perasaan kaum lain. Beliau hanya melaporkan apa yang berlaku tetapi ditahan manakala orang yang mengeluarkan kata-kata tersebut masih bebas. Dimanakah Keadilan?

DAP Negeri Sembilan mendesak Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi supaya segera membebaskan ketiga-tiga tahanan ini dan semua tahanan ISA yang lain dengan serta-merta tanpa syarat. Sebagai seorang pemimpin Negara, beliau tidak seharusnya mengheret dan memangsakan orang lain untuk menyelamatakan karier politinya. Beliau sepatutnya bertindak mengikut kehendak rakyat dan ahli-ahli parti beliau. Sekiranya beliau sudah tidak mendapat sokongan, langkah yang paling bijak untuk beliau ialah berundur.

DAP Negeri Sembilan meminta seluruh rakyat supaya bertenang dan tidak sesekali bertindak secara emosi. Kita perlu menangani isu ini secara aman dan tenang. Kita tidak boleh sama sekali terjatuh dalam perangkap dan provokasi Barisan Nasional.
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Crackdown begins?

It was reported in many news websites that prominent Malaysian blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) was arrested under the ISA at around 1 pm this afternoon at his home in Sungai Buloh. The arrest was made after 3 press namely Sin Chew Daily, The Sun and Suara Keadilan were given show cause letters to reply.

The Home Minister alleged that RPK is a "threat" to national security. As far as i know, RPK's "weapon" is only a keyboard to blog his views on his Malaysia Today website. Are bloggers or writers in Malaysia very dangerous to the society? They posed security threat?

I cannot discount the possibility that the arrest of RPK is the beginning of a crackdown on dissidents and opposition leaders to derail the plan for September 16.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ahmad Ismail suspended from UMNO!

Ahmad suspended for 3 years
Sep 10, 08 5:27pm

Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail has been suspended for three years from the party over his racial rants.

This was announced by party president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi after an emergency supreme council meeting which lasted about three hours this afternoon.

"The supreme council's opinion in this matter is that the statement and actions of Ahmad had caused tension and raised objections and we view this seriously," said Abdullah.

[Full report to follow] excerpt from Malaysiakini Read more!

MB Negeri Sembilan tak faham Perlembagaan

Kenyataan media oleh Ketua Pembangkang DUN Negeri Sembilan merangkap ADUN Lobak dan Ahli Parlimen Rasah Loke Siew Fook pada hari Rabu, 10 September 2008 di Seremban.


Saya merujuk kepada kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan semalam yang memetik beliau menyatakan bahawa beliau akan membubarkan Dewan Undangan Negeri jika terdapat Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) melompat parti hingga membolehkan pembangkang menguasai negeri berkenaan.

Kenyataan beliau seolah-olah membayangkan ketidakpercayaan beliau kepada ketaatan ADUN-ADUN Barisan Nasional. Sekiranya ada ADUN BN yang ingin meninggalkan BN dan menyertai Pakatan Rakyat, saya mengalu-alukan tindakan mereka. Tindakan mereka bukanlah untuk kepentingan peribadi tetapi boleh mencetuskan perubahan yang besar dalam arena politik negeri yang semakin berpecah dan segala keputusan pentadbiran kerajaan dibuat untuk kepentingan segelintir pihak tertentu.

Kenyataan tersebut juga menunjukkan keangkuhan Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan dan beliau seolah-olah tidak mengerti kuasa beliau sebagai Menteri Besar dan langsung tidak menghormati Institusi Diraja. Menteri Besar hanya boleh menasihatkan DYMM Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan untuk membubarkan DUN. Kuasa untuk membubarkan DUN terletak dalam tangan Tuanku. Tuanku boleh menolak nasihat daripada Menteri Besar dalam perkara pembubaran DUN seperti yang termaktub dalam Fasal 56 (2) Perlembagaan Negeri.

Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan sebagai Ketua Negeri juga boleh melantik mana-mana Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri yang mendapat sokongan majoriti dalam DUN untuk memegang jawatan Menteri Besar tertakluk kepada beberapa syarat tertentu. Kenyataan Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan tersebut seolah-olah membelakangkan kuasa Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan.

Saya menyeru Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan supaya mendapatkan nasihat daripada Penasihat Undang-undang Negeri terlebih dahulu sebelum mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan yang berhubung-kait dengan kuasa dan perkara dalam Perlembagaan Negeri atau Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri untuk mengelakkan sebarang keraguan di kalangan rakyat.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Malaysian Chinese=American Jews? What say you?

This is the statement made by the UMNO Bukit Bendera Chief Ahmad Ismail. It is not only racist but try to make the Chinese in Malaysia as the enemy of Malays and Muslims. It is a very dangerous statement that will easily spark off tensions among the public.

I call on my fellow Malaysians to be calm and united we reject all sorts of racism in our society. Let's show ultras like Ahmad Ismail that they have no place whatsoever in this country.

I am confident that majority of our Malays brothers and sisters do not want to be associated with this sort of thinking. Let's voice up to condemn the likes of Ahmad Ismail in a mature and peaceful manner. Read more!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Now everyone can believe in CHANGE!

The tagline sounds familiar, don't you? Ya..i thought of it on my journey from Kuantan to KT yesterday. It was a combination of 2 great slogans and concepts. If you are a budget traveler, the first thing you think of is "Now everyone can fly", don't you? Why AirAsia able to change the way Malaysians travel so tremendously in the last few years? One concept. Reach out to everyone! Everyone is also a target.

That's one part of the slogan. The next is from the great Barrack Obama - "Change, you can believe in". Why Obama has been so successful in his campaign so far? One keyword - HOPE. And to make people believe in it.

Well, it is no exaggeration to say that the notion of 916 engineered by Anwar Ibrahim has successfully combined this 2 key concepts - reached out to everyone and provide a sense of HOPE. Tell me, who is not talking about 916 in Malaysia now? And the best part is many people whom i came across actually hope it will happen eventually.

My trip to East Coast over the weekend with Sdr Kit Siang confirmed this. Whenever i mentioned 916 or "pin tin" in Cantonese in my speech, the crowd clapped endlessly. I observed how ordinary citizens came up to Kit Siang in every place we went...the Kemaman Kopitiam in Kuantan, the restaurant we went for supper or lunch in KT..everyone in that particular place will come over to shake his hand and take photograph and expressed their hope for 916! Even the security guard in the hotel we stayed said this to Kit which i over heard - "Kita mau tengok ada ubah la! A Malay staff in a petrol kiosk was so happy to see Kit Siang. Everyone seems like meeting the Deputy PM in-waiting!

Well, this is a good sign not only for the DAP but for Malaysia. The Malays no longer buy the UMNO's propaganda that DAP is a "Chinese chauvinist" party. Malaysians in general irrespective of race or religion are ready for one thing - CHANGE. It is no longer a question of whether it will happen, it is when will it happen? The momentum of Change and the hunger for it is increasing day by day. Even 916 do not materialize, i am optimistic that BN will falls eventually.

Now, everyone can believe in CHANGE!
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DAP rocks Kuantan!

Spent my weekend in the East Coast. I drove to Kuantan last Saturday to attend a party dinner organized by our Kuantan branch. I was in Kuantan 2 months ago for a ceramah with Datuk Seri Anwar and took the opportunity to meet some of our members there. They were planning for this dinner at that time and invited me as a speaker. I remembered that they told me they are not so confident in selling the dinner tickets as DAP Kuantan last organized a dinner many years back. They also said they faced problems in getting a venue, even a restaurant as some restaurants are afraid to do business with DAP as not to "make enemies" with MCA. This is the mentality in places where MCA and BN have total control.

Well, I am very glad to say that the dinner was a successful one. 70 tables were sold within 3 weeks and if the venue was bigger, more tables can be opened. There were 3 speakers from the central including Kit Siang, Teresa and myself besides our 2 Pahang state assemblymen, Leong Ngah Ngah and Chong Siew Onn.The 2 local MPs, Fuziah Salleh and Azan Ismail from PKR were there as well. The crowd response was overwhelming. There were a lantern festival function being organized outside the restaurant at the same time but the crowd were more keen to listen to our speeches.

And the best thing was there were many young volunteers helping out the dinner wearing DAP t-shirts. I really hope the dinner and the presence of a few national leaders provided a boost for the Rocket to take-off in Kuantan!

After Kuantan, we went to Kuala Terengganu on Sunday morning. It was a long drive along the coastal road from Kuantan to KT. It was my first time travelling along this road and i must say that it will be fun driving along this coastal road if you are on a vacation. Passed by many famous resorts - Club Med Cherating, Awana Kijal, Tanjong Jara, etc.. Took us 3 hours to reach KT and we went straight to attend a party function to announce the formation of 2 new branches in Terengganu. In my speech, i said that currently DAP have representatives in all the state assemblies except for Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu. With our presence in Terengganu, we hope to send at least one Rocket into the state assembly in the next general election.

Took another 3 hours to get back to Kuantan and another 3 hours drive from Kuantan to KL. All in all, we travelled more than 700 km yesterday!
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Kudos to ACA Negeri Sembilan!

I wish to congratulate the NS ACA for their quick action this time in bringing the Lenggeng Assemblyman's case to court to be charged today. I have blog about this issue 2 days ago and urged the ACA to act fairly to regain their public credibility to encourage more people to come forward to help to fight graft. The public will do the country a big national service by coming forward to report cases and give information whenever they are being approached by corrupt officials.

Well, this is just the beginning. I urge the ACA to continue with their "hunt" and catch more "big fishes" instead of just "ikan bilis". The DAP will always give credit where credit is due. In this particular case, I would like to give a pat at the back of the State ACA Director! But i hope that they will do the same with other cases as well.

Friday September 5, 2008 MYT 3:32:32 PM

Lenggeng assemblyman charged with graft (updated)

SEREMBAN: Lenggeng assemblyman Mustafa Salim was Friday charged at the Sessions Court here with two counts of corruption for allegedly receiving RM5,000 from a contractor on separate occasions near here last week.
Mustapha Salim - Filepic

The 50-year-old first term assemblyman allegedly took the money in return for his support for the contractor to obtain a permit to sell sand.

In the first charge, Mustafa had allegedly asked Manimaran Marimuthu for RM3,000 for a supporting letter to apply for the permit.

Mustafa allegedly asked the bribe through acquaintance Mustafa Pendek, 58, at Lot 1321, in the Pantai sub-district here at 11am on Aug 28.

In the second charge, he allegedly asked another RM2,000 from Manimaran three days later for the same purpose.

He allegedly committed the offence at 5pm at Restoran Jabrin Maju at No 17, Bunga Raya 2/1, Taman Bunga Raya 2 in Mantin.

(The state government had stopped issuing new permits to sell and mine sand for more than two years).

Mustafa, a former teacher, was charged under Section 10(a)(aa) of the Anti-Corruption Agency 1997 which is punishable under Section 16 of the same Act. If found guilty, he can be jailed up to 20 years and fined five times the bribe amount or a minimum of RM10,000, or both.

Mustafa, from Taman Desa Pelangi in Mantin, was arrested soon after he allegedly accepted RM2,000 from Manimaran at the restaurant.

He apparently panicked when the ACA officers introduced themselves and he is said to have tried to run away. However, he was arrested after he tripped and fell.

He was then taken to the ACA office here for questioning. His wife was with him when he was arrested.

Mustafa, a committee member of the Seremban Umno division, was released seven hours later on a RM3,000 bail after having his statement recorded.

Mustafa, who was in a suit, was calm throughout the proceedings. He pleaded not guilty to both charges.

About 20 of his supporters were also present in court Friday.

Deputy public prosecutor Abdul Razak Musa urged the court to impose a RM10,000 bail as the offence was serious.

"The court should impose a high bail as the accused had abused his position as an assemblyman," he said.

Mustafa's lead counsel Parameswaran Sundram asked the court for a lower the amount as Mustafa did not have a criminal record.

Mustafa was also represented by Rafizi Zainal Abidin and Abdul Halim Lokman.

Judge Kamarudin Kamsun then set bail at RM8,000 and fixed trial for Feb 26 and 27 next year.

Mustafa left with his supporters after posting bail at the registry.
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Lobak main road will be upgraded!

A heavy downpour yesterday afternoon again caused a flash flood in the main road of Lobak, Jalan Tan Sri Manickavasangam. Lobak has long been labeled as a "black area" as far as flash flood is concerned every time a heavy downpour lasted more than half an hour. During the last 4 years in my capacity as the state assemblyman for the area, i have raised up the issue many many times in and out of the state assembly.

Though the flood situation has been minimized with the project by the Seremban Town Council to widen the drainage system, the situation can be further improved. Motorists who use the road on a daily basis will concur with me. I always pressed the state government to upgrade the road in the last few years as Lobak is not only a residential area with many schools around but also an up and coming major business district in Seremban town. Just look at the number of commercial shoplots projects being developed along the area. The main road also served as an important connection to the North South Highway and Seremban 2 townships.

I have asked the question regarding "Projek Menaik Taraf Jalan Tan Sri Manickavasangam" in the last state assembly sitting. The written answer i received as below:

- Tender the ditutup pada 19 Jun 2008 dan proses penilaian tender sedang dilaksanakan Dijangka projek ini akan dimulakan pada akhir tahun 2008

- Kos yang dianggarkan bagi projek ini berjumlah RM2.4 juta dan peruntukan telah pun diluluskan.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Let's see if ACA really fair!

I got wind regarding the arrest of the UMNO State Assemblyman for Lenggeng Mustafa Salim on the evening of 31 August. I was just about to leave my house for KL to attend a wedding dinner of my post-grad classmate in UM. I heard that the guy was arrested in a restaurant in Mantin red-handed with cash in his hand. I immediately rang up a couple of media friends. Credit to them, they acted really fast and professionally. The news was uploaded on many news website on that night itself. Some of them waited at the ACA state HQ until 12.30 am but still could not get a glimpse of the accused or even get confirmation from the state ACA director.

I held a press conference on 1st September with other state Pakatan leaders and a few PR assemblymen. While i acknowledged the efforts of the ACA in their many arrests recently, i lambasted them for acting differently to politicians from different sides. The whole country watched the news in TV and saw in the headlines of newspapers of how the 2 PKR EXCO members of Perak state government were brought to the magistrate to be remanded and handcuffed just less than 10 days ago. Well, i am not being apologetic for my fellow PR colleagues. If they are proven wrong, by all means charge them and penalize them. But why humiliate them in such a way? Will they run away if they are not being handcuffed?

Now coming back to the UMNO assemblyman for Lenggeng. He was caught red-handed and brought to the ACA state hq for questioning. The whole process was completed within 7 hours as he was released on that night itself around midnight. No remand order for further questioning. Hence, save him from being photographed by the media on the way to the magistrate court.

During my press conference, one reporter asked me to comment whether ACA is not being media-friendly? The reporters complained that they were denied any information about the case from the authority and have to wait outside the compound and the accused left by back door without their knowledge.

I told them it is not that ACA being media-unfriendly. If the accused is a YB from Pakatan, i am sure they will open their door to welcome the photographers and will immediately hold a press conference about the arrest! Come on, we are in a wired world now. Do the ACA think that they can still cover such cases from public knowledge? Instead, they should be more professional by at least confirming the arrest and let the reporters have an early day home. To the ACA, i think you guys have to go for a "media relations" course!

Now, it took only 5 days for Perak ACA to charge the 2 PKR EXCO members. Will the NS ACA act as efficiently as their counterpart in Perak? Let's wait and see. I am waiting and counting on the days till the Yang Berhormat for Lenggeng be charged in court!
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