Monday, April 20, 2009

Point of View: National Service

I was invited by NTV7 to appear on the programme "Point of View" hosted by Florence Looi. The recording was done about 3 weeks ago and the show went on air last Sunday. The topic was about National Service Training programme and whether it shoud be scrapped. I have always taken a middle position on this matter that it should be reviewed throughly whether it is worthwhile to spend RM600 million a year on the programme. Is it the only way to achieve national unity? Is there no more problem of racial polarization among our youth after 5 years the programme was implemented? Well, catch my point of view on this subject by clicking here:



Anonymous said...

just for force the youth to learn how do housework and make new friends?

What a shame to force the youth but the cabinet members still not even in a good example!

Bazir rakyat punya duit!

Anonymous said...

abolish lah , waste of tax payer money