Thursday, April 9, 2009

Same old faces in Cabinet!

There's not much excitement in the new Cabinet line-up. Most of the Ministers are still the same old faces. Just a swap of ministries among them. And a few of them went in through "backdoor" as they were rejected by the people in the last general election such as Koh Tsu Koon, Sharizat, Chew Mei Fun, etc.. Perhaps the boldest move by Najib was to exclude Khairy from the Cabinet even though he is the UMNO Youth Chief (you know who is behind it la)...and to add salt to his injury, his defeated opponent, Mukhriz Mahathir was rewarded a Deputy Minister of MITI! Even Khairy's deputy got a deputy ministership. It seems that the "most powerful" young man is no more powerful.

Anyway, as an MP, I welcome the dropping of the most unwelcomed minister in Parliament - Azalina Othman! And she can say goodbye to her political career.

The so-called "leaner, meaner and slimmer" Cabinet did not really materialize. It just shows that Najib do not have the political will to use the "axe" and succumbed to political lobbying and jockeying. Mahathirism has returned and the beginning of the demise of Barisan Nasional.


P130 voter said...

Azalina is under MACC investigation, it would be too controversial to include her.

Rembau is corrupted, as deemed by UMNO disciplinary council, he is not fit to be a federal minister.

Ha ha ha Rembau the loud mouth... serves him right.

P130 voter

Lee Wee Tak said...

u r right, YB. It is leaner and thinner as Rafidah is no longer inside.

Whatmeworry said...

I am glad Botak is out and that woman Azalina too. The MACC should seriously investigate some wrong doings done during her tenure as Sports Minister. Otherwise, the new Cabinet is really nothing new at all.

P130 voter said...


I completely welcome DSAI and Pakatan to form Shadow Cabinet.

There are 28 Ministries and there are 82 Pakatan MP. This means that 2 or 3 Pakatan MP to shadow each Ministry.

This is a good move because it will give the Pakatan MP's a focus approach during Parliamentary Q&A time.

For example, with your focus on Education, maybe you could be assigned to shadow the Ministry of Education.

Jeff Ooi who seems to be very much in ICT could shadow Ministry of Science, Tech & Inno.

Good luck and happy debating

P130 voter

Anonymous said...

Hah!, Anwar, a shadowy past to form shadow Cabinet, what a laugh!

DAP with PAS could still be workable, if both side genuinely wants a clean gomen of course they need to trashed out their differences.

No all sweet talks have good intentions esp. Anwar's