Friday, April 3, 2009

Sexy dance is "Chinese culture"?

I grown up in quite a traditional Chinese family. When i was kid, my parents took me to watch Chinese Kwangtung opera show because they are big fans of it. I did not understand what they sing but I know that it was part of our cultural identity and I appreciate that! During Chinese New Year, I enjoy watching lion dance performance, having reunion dinner, tossing "yee sang" and receiving ang pows. And come Cheng Beng (which is tomorrow), I will accompany my parents to clean up my grandparent's graveyard and offer prayers. These traditions are proudly our Chinese culture.

But never in my life that i was told "Sexy dance" (dance performance in sexy attire) is part of "Chinese culture"! Any of you out there heard that before?

Well, this is the understanding of "Chinese culture" of the newly elected most senior UMNO Vice President and Minister in the PM's Department in charge of Islamic affairs Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi! Maybe this is something he heard from the MCA and Gerakan leaders.

This cheap gimmick used by MCA in a political function to attract crowd is a big insult to the Chinese community, both men and women. The MCA thought that these Chinese dancers who clad in sexy outfit can be used as "political tools" to attract voters. And they also thought that the Chinese Ah Pek in all Chinese new villages can be won over by just "washing their eyes" with some sexy dance.

By using "sexy dance" to pull the crowd, isn't this show that MCA and Gerakan have no confidence whatsoever in their leaders' ability to convince the voters by their speeches?

Shame on you...MCA and Gerakan!


Lee Wee Tak said...

According to Zahid, sexy women dancing and singing the latest hottest numbers are part of Chinese culture. Sorry mate, that's global entertainment trend.

I have nothing against the 3 babes, in fact, I like'em. However, calling them Chinese culture is an insult to Chinese culture. Chinese culture include, amongst other things, lantern festival, hungry ghost festival etc.

I suppose there is a belief that Chinese can trade a few STPM top scorers being rejected to enroll in their preferred choices in local universities or denied scholarships for a nice meal & a few dancing girls.

Up to the Chinese to articulate their view point then. Anyway, I won't bother to scream until I foam to defend my culture and race and religion to death. I am off to see some nice Ah-Mei music video now.

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Loke,
Me too, surprise to know that this "sexy dance" is the Chinese culture. By the way, does Zahid know the meaning of "Culture"

Hamba said...

The only culture Zahid knows are in his underpants.... He also presume that gambling is also a Chinese culture....For someone who is ignorant of true Islamic teaching he presume too much on other cultures and teaching...Typical of Malaysian Minister....Idiot!

P130 voter said...

Zahid the Ignoramus need a study tour to China proper to understand Chinese culture.

Zahid, the lessons about Chinese culture given by those "China-Dolls" whilst giving you a good time does not count OK?

p130 voter

suzy said...

really duno what their big shit brain thinking?! really no eyes see them! no medicine to cure them also! all of them are political gimmick!

SCHK said...

It is not strange Zahid said that, because he saw the 2nd man who is a loyal husband but only made mistake go to same hotel and same room, also the 1st woman ask all women to wear sexy from MCA........

Who shall we blame.

anyway, zahid before say anything can you please use your brain?....make sure is the brain in your top head.

Baby said...

Sexy Dance is never a Chinese culture. Is only a trick to attract people. A dirty trick I would say.