Friday, July 3, 2009

JPA scholarship

As an elected rep, the biggest satisfaction is when we are able to give hope to someone. Well, I held a press conference this morning with a JPA scholar Mo Ye Voon and her mother as she succeeded in getting a scholarship from JPA to study medicine in AIMST university. She was one of the many top students nationwide who failed to get JPA scholarships in the first round. She appealed through various channels but did not get it too during the appeal period.

However, she was very determined to be a doctor and did not give up for the scholarship and came back to seek my help. Again, I wrote and brought her to meet the JPA director in-charge of scholarship and even brought her to meet up with Minister in the PM's department Datuk Seri Nazri. Her determination paid off and finally she got an offer from JPA to read medicine locally. She's quite happy with that.

I'm happy for being able to help a young girl to be on the right path to realize her own dream - to become a doctor! Now, it's all depends on her own hard work in the years ahead to pass in all the exams and serve the society one day.

Even though i feel satisfied, i really hope that i need not do all these "appealing" work for top students in the coming years. If they deserved it, they should get it right away.

Our dear PM, it's time for you to show your political will to implement the "National Scholarships" based on merit now! Good luck to all the scholars.


Anonymous said...

Good work but just one?
Sadly....not enough....
But one better than zero.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Stay on course, you're doing good, focus in serving the people.

Stay away from the inter-Pakatan squabble, bitching & shit.

Build more muscle before entering into any fray, there will be lots more to come from PKR (they are nothing more than a bunch of Umno rejects)

And can you imagine Pas after Nik Aziz is gone (no disrespect intended but he cant live forever)

mengkungchng said...

Hi Sdr Anthony,

I'm an Old Paulian like you. Please accept my congratulations in reviving DAP NS and restoring to its former glory.

Congratulations too for working hard in securing a building for DAP NS.

Congratulations too for assisting Ms. Mo in securing a scholarship to study medicine.

Like all true Paulians we must fight for a higher cause and reject all that is vile. We must avoid too the baubles this world has to offer.

Keep up the good worth and do mind your health.

Best wishes.

Lee Wee Tak said...


Thanks for the hard work. You have given her the chance to realise her dreams and I hope she in turn can help those in need in the future.

Sad fact is that healthcare in Malaysia is going towards the direction of US - blood sucking industry that holds the sick to ransom; rather than the "you need not worry about quality of doctors nor how to pay your bills" ala the French. Watch Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko" and you know what I mean.

This case is just another example of how Malaysia, despite the nice soik sendiri boast of Vision 2020, Performance Now, PM for all Malaysians, continue to treat its human capital as sh%t and the public by and large still subscribe to racism in their daily lives. They prefer to hang on to their racists remarks and beliefs which contradict their own religions and prefer to live with unqualified doctors, collapsing builders, incompetent civil servants, failing delivery systems and all that.

Malaysians love to shoot themselves in the foot, don't they?

Anonymous said...

you all satisfied with onli one case? pelase work hard first...

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Asalamualaikum (may peace be upon you) i love this arabic greeting and it has got nothing to do with religion.

any news about DAP helping the Malays or Indians or is the DAP
representing only the chinese.

any semangat gotong royong on the card and will the DAP venture into
Malay majority area or are too afraid to go bcoz majority of
DAPs DUN cant speak proper Bahasa Kebangsaan ( except Loke of course)

terima kasih dan salam sejahtera.

Gedong Lalang said...

Tahniah YB Loke

Dengan usha berterusan YB telah berjaya membantu pelajar untuk mendapat biasiswa JPA. Saya harap usha seperti ini biarlah berterusan.

Kebanyakan DUN DAP Negri Sembilan kurang fasih bercakap Bahasa Malaysia kecuali YB. Diharap YB dapat mencadangkan YB yang berkenaan untuk belajar bertutur dalam Bahasa Malaysia agar rakyat mudah mendampingnya .

Pakatan Rakyat telah mengumumkan kabinet bayabgan mengikut Kementerian Kementerian. Dengan adanya kabinet bayangan ini kementerian tidak lagi akan dilepas pandang untuk disoal jawab.Tiap tiap YB Pakatan Rakyat akan dapat menumpukan kepada kementerian masing masing. Ini adalah satu perkembangan yang baik bagi Pakatan Rakyat.