Monday, July 6, 2009

MCA = sour grapes

When I hold the press conference 3 days ago regarding the top SPM scorer who got JPA scholarship, I knew our friends in MCA will jump. They have always thought that they have the monopoly over the issue of JPA scholarship and gave the impression that all Chinese students who failed to get one must go through them to have any chance to appeal for it. Well, somehow when a parent came out openly to thank the DAP for helping her daughter, this must upset MCA people.

The local edition of Chinese press today reported that my counterpart from MCA who was also my rival in the last GE, Dr. Yeow Chai Thiam claimed that it was MCA who helped Mo Ye Vonn to get the JPA scholarship. He said that it was MCA's "effort" of fighting in the Cabinet to increase the number of scholarships and "systematically" placed those who failed to get overseas scholarship to study locally. In short, it was MCA's effort who helped the student. DAP and me has nothing to do with it. We were just out there to claim "cheap political mileage". Sour grapes, isn't it?

I held a press conference to rebut him and told him that if he wants to claim credit for it, then I can give him all the credits he wants. Take it. But don't pressurize the student and her poor mother for not thanking the MCA. This is MCA. They have yet to realize why the voters dumped them in the last GE!

And for the information of Dr Yeow, I actually helped another student who was in the same predicament like Mo Ye Vonn and she also got JPA scholarship to study medicine in AIMST university. Her father is a MCA member in Yeow's Rasah division. And he just treated me lunch this afternoon with his wife and daughter as a kind gesture to thank me :)


burning fire said...

SOUR Grapes it sure is especially after the last GE Yeow & Co knows that they are dangling by a thread and will do or say anything to desperately gasp for air (that is free and all around) whilst sinking deeper & deeper.

Keep up the good work DAP NS under the leadership of YB Loke Siew Fook. Every human being will have to learn to crawl before walk and will be teething before they can chew, take all these immature publicity as a challenge to wipe out MCA in NS in the next election.

kick bn out said...

"Her father is a MCA member in Yeow's Rasah division"

let the public to judge whether MCA Boleh or DAP Boleh...haha...shame on you Dr Yeow...

"to wipe out MCA in NS in the next election." agreed with burning fire. not only in NS, to wipe out the corrupted federal as well...

P130 voter said...

I wish to tell Dr Yeow and MCA NS, in the first place, good academic students should not have to beg for scholarship.

The reason we dumped you (i.e. BN) at PRU-12 is because of this patronizing attitude. The student achieved academic excellence; and she has to thank you for something that she was denied in the first place?

Dr Yeow, do I need to thank the thief that return my stolen property?

P130 voter

P130 voter said...

I would like to remind the politicians especially those with a patronizing attitude, we voted you in to do a job. In exchange for your effort, you are paid a salary from taxpayer's money. I.e my money.

You are our servant, we are your boss. Remember that.

P130 voter

Lee Wee Tak said...

if the MCA is part of the solid BN component, why the F@&K then they have to fight for Chinese this and Chinese that?

why then they always point, scream and advertised a lot about "disagreements" amongst PR members? MCA has been "fighting" UMNO for decades so why the who ha?

I rather see political parties debate and discuss over allocation of funds rather than fighting...because it suggest to me

1) deficient or unfairness in planning, budgeting and allocation processes within BN

2) deliberate creation of issues, troubles and difficulties in order to create heroic figure...regardless of how we treat our valuable human capital

Anonymous said...

Good work!!!!

ACS '98 said...

MP Loke, good job and keep helping the needy from Seremban.

On a side note, I think we shouldn't dwell into these verbal wars with MCA too much. As long as we're doing a good job in governing or helping the rakyat, I'm sure the ppl will vote accordingly.