Thursday, November 27, 2008

NS DUN sitting

The budget session for the Negeri Sembilan State Assembly scheduled for 3 days till tomorrow ended this afternoon. During the Q&A session on the first day, all opposition assemblymen again walked out from the assembly as we were not given the chance to pose our questions. We returned to the chambers after the Q&A session ended. However, after much protests we finally got what we asked for today as I was the first one to be asked by the speaker to pose my oral question.

I was not entirely happy with the whole proceeding but all Pakatan assemblymen tried our best to partipate in the budget debate. Firstly, the speaker decided to continue with the sitting yesterday after the MB presented his budget speech. I have requested the speaker to adjourn the sitting after the speech to give enough time for all assemblymen to prepare their debate today. However, the BN voted against it in hoping that we will not have enough time to prepare our speeches.

But i have expected their tactics and we got ready to debate at anytime. The sitting yesterday lasted until 7.10 p.m. It was never happened before in NS in the last 10 years. News like assembly adjourned after 2 hours was not something abnormal during the time when there were zero opposition in NS. 14 Pakatan members took part in the budget debate but only 2 from BN. You can judge how serious are they in voicing the people's aspirations. I will blog more about the assembly sitting tomorrow as I have some interesting statistics to share with you.


OMGGosh said...


Create Negeri Sembilan State Assembly DUN Sittings more excitement and more history that all NS people will remember that we need a Big Change in PRU 13

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,
i hope that you can check for it,
DAPSY in serdang,selangor is very unfair to us,
the chairman is from Kajang Baru Branch(is under ulu langat)not from Serdang,another things is their meeting set on saturday 330pm,
i thinks so they try to controll the meeting,because we are working,how to attend the meeting,
i hope YB can check for it

Anonymous said...

i wish that you can help us to find out Serdang DAPSY President Chiong Yoke Kong I/C :830228-14-5365 (he is DAP Kajang Baru Branch Member i was check with HQ **Kajang Baru Branch is under Hulu Langat) why he can elect as our Serdang DAPSY President?he is YB Teo Nie Ching Assistance,wish YB Jenice will help us to find out.

Loke Siew Fook said...

Dear anonymous,

My blog is a forum to discuss public issues and response to my posting. If you have any complains regarding party matters, pls email to me at