Friday, November 28, 2008

Vital stats for NS folks

Some information from the answers to my written questions in the state assembly:

Nisbah doktor kepada penduduk:

Doktor Kerajaan - 860 orang, Nisbah 1:1,137
Doktor Swasta - 338 orang, Nisbah 1:2,894
Jumlah Doktor - 1,198, Nisbah purata 1:816

Nisbah polis kepada penduduk

Seremban - 1:508
PD - 1:320
Kuala Pilah - 1:315.2
Jempol - 1:461
Tampin - 1:250
Rembau - 1:232
Jelebu - 1:690

Nisbah rumah hak milik sendiri kepada penduduk: 100:29
29 unit rumah milik sendiri bagi setiap 100 orang penduduk NS.
224,834 unit rumah sedia ada di seluruh NS dan 61,389 sedang dalam pembinaan.


Chan said...

YB.. I wonder did you read my comment to the fertilizer subsidies topic in your blog.. Since two new blogs have being posted yet i did not see any reply from you to my inquiry... Thank you!

Loke Siew Fook said...

Dear Chan,

Loke Siew Fook said...

Dear Chan,

Yes...since it is a specific issue, can you pls email me at to discuss the details and see what i can do.