Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

We will say good bye to 2008 in a just a few more hours. 2009 will arrive with plenty of challenges. Looking back at the last 12 months and felt that time really flies. At this time of the year last year, we were all geared up in anticipation of the general election. Not long after, the big battle came and gone.

March 8th 2008 will be recorded as a historic day in our nation's history. It is a turning point of a new dawn for a new Malaysia. It it the beginning of a 2-party system for Malaysians and I hope it will bring about more positive changes for our society.

It has been a hectic year for DAP politicians. After the peak of 308, we have to face a new political landscape. Change we have seen, at least in the 5 states we are now in government. Parliament will never be the same with more than 80 opposition MPs. The rakyat have given us a big mandate and put on our shoulders a big trust and responsibility to bring about changes. Expectations are sky high. Patience are running fast and they want to see results. No more rhetorics but tangible results.

That is the reality of Malaysian politics today. Tough for politicians including myself but it's a good thing for Malaysia. People are more critical than ever. They want more accountability from their elected reps, across the board.

Well, Malaysian politics will never be quiet, not even for one day..just reflects the political "happenings" in the last 12 months. And expect more to come in 2009, starting with the big battle in Kuala Terengganu.

In Seremban, the NS DAP will "celebrate" the new year with a demonstration in the Senawang toll plaza tomorrow, 1st Jan at 10 a.m., to continue to call on PLUS to abolish the toll for KL-Seremban route and make toll-free for the 3 interchanges within Seremban town..What is our justification? I will reveal tomorrow.

So folks, join us near the Senawang toll plaza if you are free tomorrow morning.

On a personal note, I have this new year's resolution every year - to exercise more and to lose weight! but never succeeded :)

Happy New Year 2009!

p/s the above image is the cover for my 2009 calendar which i distributed to my constituents.


OMGGosh said...


Happy New Year 2009 . Hope this 2009 year will be fruitful.

Well gaining weight is a good sign in Chinese .. they call it "Fook Hei" .

Liz Yap said...

Happy New Year 2009 , Anthony .
Hope u all the best & take care.
Keep In Touch

Anonymous said...

Dear Loke:
I and my wife wish you all the best for you in 2009.
She hope you will get a girl friend this year and settle down in near future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Loke,

Happy new yr!! But as a voter from Mambau, this is a bad beginning of 2009. I am very dissapointed with May May's decision to shut her blog down. To me, this also shuts down the channel of interaction btwn her & the ppl who living & working hard in oversea but came back to vote for her in the last GE. This is a very unwise call. So where can we get the 1st hand info abt things happen in Mambau since the people representative refuses to share with us?? ok then we can just rely on mainstream media like Utusan, Star & NST.... is she scare away because of someone urge her to share more abt what she has contributed once being elected? This is a fair call from ppl who have given her the mandate to serve. If she thinks is too much burden for her to do so, pls look back at her manifesto and see what she had promised to the ppl here.

Her decision not only dissapoints us as you r the one who recommended her to the ppl like me who voted for her. I even convinced my parents who have been strong supporter of MCA to vote her in as well. what can i say now?? at the end of the day, it's still her decision...

In fact I wanted to post this to her blog, but she so efficiently close down right after 1st 2009... I think her decision to close down is due to someone comparing her blog with Hannah Yeoh - see this link....

We dont mind if she can't do as good as Hannah, however by making this kind of decision to keep herself away from the ppl is really a reckless move... Hope she can change her mind...

Mambau voter

Loke Siew Fook said...


I don't know what is her reason to close the blog..I might ask her to tell the reasons.

Anyway, you can check my blog for updates concerning Mambau too.

Happy New Year!

Ho_llY said...

To Yang BerhormatLoke,

:> What The Story

Congratulation of the 308....
( :>....Ha..Ha..Ha..)

Mark the change come faith...

:->...Happy New Year...
Near....Gong xi Fa Chai...
....(ligt xi dao loi)....
:> Ha...Ha..Ha..
( ... Ang Pow , Ang Pow ... )

splendid said...

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