Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I will lead DAPSY for the next 2 years.

Loke wins DAP Youth chief uncontested
Dec 2, 08 6:55pm - Report in Malaysiakini

DAP Socialist Youth (Dapsy) national secretary Loke Siew Fook became the opposition party’s new Youth chief today after no other candidates were nominated to contest the post at the wing’s national congress elections, set to take place this Saturday.

In a statement released today, Loke said for the first time, reporters will be able to cover the congress, which will take place at the MAA Building in Kuala Lumpur.

"The Dapsy National Congress 2008 will elect a new leadership for the term 2008-2010," said Loke, who is Rasah member of parliament and Lobak state assemblyperson.

Among the closely-watched contests is the post of Loke’s deputy, which is heating up between Teratai state assemblyperson Jenice Lee Ying Ha and Pulau Tikus state assemblyperson Koay Teng Hai.

Two other women, Carmen Leong Ooi Kuan and Violet Yong Wui Wui, will be battling each other and Wong Kah Moh for the two positions of Dapsy vice-chairpersons.

29 vie for 15 exco seats

Under the party constitution, one of the posts must be held by a woman.

The position of Dapsy national secretary, meanwhile, will see a contest between Kampung Tunku state representative Lau Weng San and Cheras DAP liaison committee secretary Loh Chee Heng.

Twenty-nine others will be vying for the 15 seats on Dapsy’s national executive committee, five of whom must be women.

They are Ashvin Raj, Chan Su Sann, Cheong Chee Khing, Choong Siew Onn, Eddie Chang Teck Chee, Fong Kok Leong, Gobind Singh Deo, Jagdeep Singh Deo, Khoo Poay Tiong, Kuan Perk Siong, Lau Keng Ee, Lee Chun Hur, Lee Fu Haw, Leong Ooi Yee, Medaline Chang She Yun, Ng Suee Lim, Ng Tien Chee (Eddie), Ng Wei Aik, Ong Boon Piow, Ooi Leng Hang, Tan Hong Pin, Tan Hun Wooi, Teo Eng Ching, Teo Kok Seong, Tey Kok Kiew, Tiew Way Keng, V Sivakumar, Yew Teong Chong and Yong Choo Kiong.


Budak Rasah said...

Congratulations, YB. Truly a sign of bigger and better things (and responsibilities) to come...

Tonberry said...

anthony, why nga kor ming refused to defend his post?

Zubli Zainordin said...

What is your team strategy to attract the 2 Million new voters?

Loke Siew Fook said...

Dear Tonberry,

I think it is not fair for me to answer on behalf of Kor Ming.

Dear Zubli,

The most important of all is we have to go out and register them as voter first! We will launch awareness campaign to register new voters..will brainstorm of how to run the campaign in a more creative way and more "in" are welcome to share your ideas.

and many thanks for all the congratulatory messages! said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Dear YB ,

U have raised a very gd point as one of the most important problem is how to register them as voters....

the point i'm stressing is if i compare Malaysia to Singapore:

voting is compulsory for all its Singaporean citizens failure to do so can result in fines , jail term or both. wherelse in Malaysia voting is not compulsory ,

now assuming if the 2 million future voters had registered just in time to take part in the next coming GE , out of the 2 million how many percent of them will be coming out to exercise their voting rights ? as one of key point is voting in malaysia is not compulsory........

next as far as i understand , in the past , election office does not open all yr round , they will place an advertisement in newspapers to inform the public when it will open to public for eg: registration as a voter

again if i compare with Singapore , their election office is open all yr round except sundays & public holidays , saturday open for half day , it makes convenient for its citizen to register as a voter.

Hope to hear YB's comments soon.

Thank You

Loke Siew Fook said...

Dear O. plus,

I don't agree that voting should be made compulsory in me, that defeat the purpose of election...they vote just because of is our job to convince them why they need to take part in the process and not thru legal means. If we are talking about real democracy, they have the right not to vote too!

Voters registration is all year round can walk into the election commission office anytime during office hours to register.

and all political parties are allowed to register new voters thru our reps...dap also have our own "pendaftar pemilih".. we have done quite a lot thru this channel. In seremban, you will see one of my comrade doing registration in pasar malam quite often.

I have all the confidence that come next GE, the young voters will go to vote in full drove...we are in a different Malaysia today..after 308 and after the election of Obama!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB ,

yes , we should respect the people's choice on whether they want to exercise their voting rights.

Non Compulsory voting:

some people will not bother to come out to vote though they may be registered or eligible to vote.
voter turnout rate is low , final results of elections will swing unevenly....

Compulsory voting:

everyone of us had to play our part as a citizen to elect a govt
& i "assume" people will be more aware of current issues affecting them , therefore people will be more mindful or alert on which political parties candidates to vote for.(i.e. may make ppl think twice , exercise greater caution on who to vote for)
correct me if i'm wrong

thank you.

P130 Voter said...

Dear YB Loke,

DAP need to alter the perception that she is a pro-chinese party.

More contact with your PAS counterpart is a good start.

I hope to see more constructive dialog with PAS Youth and greater reaching out to PAS.

P130 Voter

P130 Voter said...

YB Loke,

Could I get some comments from you about the coming Kuala Trengganu By-election?

How will DAP specifically The Youth Wing help out her PAS friends to wrest that seat from the BN Goons?

God willing lets make it 83 PR vs 136 BN after 17 Jan 2008!

P130 voter

Anonymous said...

P130 ,

Influential Anwar should also be there to lend his support to help its PR Partners to wrest control of the seats.

sit back & enjoy the gd show see how PR whip them.....