Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wind of Change for Sarawak!

I was in Sabah and Sarawak over the last weekend for Party events. Was in Kota Kinabalu on Friday night to give a talk to new party members and was the Speaker for the Sabah DAP convention. Flew to Kuching in the evening and was also the Speaker for Sarawak DAP Annual Convention on Sunday.

I was also invited to speak at the mammoth 350-table dinner in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of DAP Sarawak. It was my first ever speech in Kuching. I thanked the Kuching voters for started the "wind of change" in the 2006 state election where DAP won 3 seats in Kuching alone. I told them that the "political tsunami" on 8th March was triggered by Sarawak's "wind of change".

I said that the political landscape in Malaysia has changed tremendously after 308. In the last 42 years, DAP has always been labelled as "the opposition party". But after 308, we are now ruling party in Penang, Perak and Selangor and UMNO is the opposition there. I stated that we want to achieve not only one DAP Chief Ministership in Penang but also have the ambition of seeing a DAP Chief Minister in Sarawak!

The SUPP has anticipated that the DAP will bring its full force from Semenanjung to Sarawak in the next state election and I answered that, yes...we will be there for sure! We will give our full support to our Sarawakian comrades to topple the Barisan Nasional in Sarawak and send the "white hair" (nickname for Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud") out of office.

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Anonymous said...

Dear YB ,

Pls help to boot the Musa Aman out of office too......

we sabahans want changes too.....therefore hope YB can also bring their 100% full forces to Sabah & campaign asap....

Thank You.