Friday, August 22, 2008

Now only Pak Lah knows about our sufferings

All newspapers gave prominent coverage to Pak Lah's "spot check" on KTM Komuter and the LRT services yesterday. While I welcome Pak Lah to have a "personal feel" about the problems faced by the general public on a daily basis, it reflects very badly on the government. Pak Lah said he was very dissapointed with the services as it took him more than 1 hour to travel from Serdang to Masjid Jamek!

He made a few observations on the weaknesses of the train system. Well, nothing wrong with his observations but it don't need a PhD in Transportation or a Prime Minister to make those points. Everybody who used our trains system before can tell you what are the problems we faced. There are almost daily write-up in the newspapers or the "Letters to Editor" section on the mess of our public transportation system.

And many debates and complaints have been articulated in Parliament including myself on those issue. A few possibilities here. Maybe our dearest PM did not read newspapers or his "4th floor boys" did not brief him about what are the issues highlighted in the press. Or our Transport Minister never raise up those issues before in the Cabinet. Is it mean that Chan Kong Choy was just "makan gaji buta" when he was Transport Minister from 2004-2008? And Tee Keat should also be ashamed about the state of our transportation system. Just wondering why Pak Lah don't even bother to invite for the train ride? No respect or confidence whatsoever to his own Minister?

Well, we don't need the PM to tell us what are the problems we faced in the transportation system. What the public wants to hear are solutions and actions by the government to improve the services be leaps and bounds. No more excuses such as LRT are not under Transport Ministry...bla bla bla...There are all under the same Federal Government.

Pak Lah, we want you to solve the problems immediately, not taking pictures in the train by showing how "prihatin" are you to the people!


Eric Chor said...

Action Speak Louder than Word!!!
People only want to see the results!!
Pak Lah and Transport Minister,
show us how u use the $$$ saving from the subsidy of petrol!!!

Anonymous said...

another stunt to make an indirect influence on PP by election ?

Foo Yoong said...

Why only now check on how the public feel? This was suppose to be done before suggesting of the formation of the Commission of Public Transport. Tony Pua asked the Minister of Transport on the status and there's no news to it.
Instead PM should go to the petrol kiosk to get feedback of the increase of fuel on the lives of the people. It will be better if PM can be at the pasar to see the increase of food prices too.
Even with the announcement of petrol price reduction, the damage has already been done. What has gone up can't come down.

OMGGosh said...

A Real Blockbuster in making.
Well 4 more days to PP by-election .

1. Pak Lah spot check KTM & LRT (may be check whether need more subsidy to improve transportation before 23/08/08 Announcement : reduce petrol and diesel price ??????? )

2. 23/08/2008 Announcement: Reduce Petrol and diesel price between eight sen and 22 sen a litre

Go back few days
on 21/08/2008 - No new fuel price announcements for now, says Abdullah

Go back to Basics - 5W 1H . Have a nice weekend to all cyber community.

OMGGosh said...

Nearly forget

YB Loke

Good luck to you on DAP central executive committee election.

May the best Men and Women wins.

Dont forget to Update the result on your blog.

Eric Chor said...

congratulation to YB for getting a seat for NSDK at the "DAP election"


Whatmeworry said...

YB Anthony,

The problem with public transportation has been around for years. The govt is definitely aware of it but somehow neglected to take any concrete action. The "stunt" by the PM is good to make those chaps in KTM awake from their slumber on how the public has to go through daily. The PM should try taking a BUS next and see that the services provided are no better.

Liz Yap said...


P130 voter said...

Congrats YB Anthony for getting into DAP CEC.

Err... just a question, what does Polical education director do?

Sorry I have to ask... I really don't know.

Loke Siew Fook said...

To organize political education classes to DAP rank and file..political knowledge about party history, struggle, ideology, etc..

Also responsible for party leadership retreat and political education camp for state leaders

TRUE MALAY said...

Sampah pun kerajaan N.Sembilan tak terurus ?

Apo sudah jadi dengan kerajaan N.Sembilan pimpinan Dato Seri Mohamad Hassan hingga sampah pun tak terurus. Sebelum komen negeri pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat , media perdana , Tok Mat dan KJ harus tengok rakyat di Negeri Sembilan dulu. Jangan sibuk nak bertanding pemilihan agung Umno hujung tahun ni.

Berita Harian 26 Ogos 2008. Pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) di Johor, Melaka dan Negeri Sembilan berhutang RM180 juta kepada syarikat pengurusan dan pelupusan sisa pepejal, SWM Environment Sdn Bhd atas perkhidmatan yang dijalankan syarikat itu sejak 11 tahun lalu

Merujuk kepada laporan akbar New Straits Times 13 September 2007. Reactions to Auditor-General's report: 'Local councils short of money', Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan mengakui bahawa kebanyakan Kerajaan Tempatan dalam Negeri Sembilan sedang dilanda masalah kewangan yang teruk.

Kenyataan Mohamad Hassan ini merupakan respon kepada Laporan Audit Negara terbaru yang mendedahkan bahawa banyak kawasan kotor kerana kontraktor yang menguruskan pembersihan dan pembuangan sampah tidak dibayar. Laporan Audit itu telah mengenengahkan kes Majlis Perbandaran Nilai (MPN) yang gagal menjelaskan hutang RM 17 juta kepada Southern Waste Management Sdn Bhd (SWM) syarikat yang menguruskan operasi pembersihan dan pembuangan sampah. Tunggakan tersebut mengakibatkan operasi syarikat tersebut terganggu seterusnya memberikan kesan terhadap kebersihan dan keselesaan penduduk setempat.

Perkembangan ini amat dikesali. Di tegaskan kerajaan Negeri harus mengambil tanggungjawab terhadap kegagalan ini.

Fakta kos yang naik dan cukai yang kekal adalah salah. Tahun 2006 contohnya Majlis Perbandaran Nilai, N.Sembilan telah menaikkan cukai pintunya sebanyak 85.19%. Begitu juga kenaikan dikenakan dihampir semua kerajaan tempatan . Begitu juga beberapa cukai baru turut diperkenalkan.

Apa yang berlaku sehingga banyak kerajaan tempatan mengalami krisis kewangan yang teruk ini ialah kelemahan pengurusan, salah urus dan

Rujukan :

levent said...

well....when we talking with some1 about malaysia public transport,public etc....we can see tat "disappointed" almost appears from everyone,everyday,every moment and anyway....

i wanna ask government,other than increased petrol price,what government can do to ensure every citizen able to earn RM1300?

by the way,i felt disappointed with local university that always organized useless programme that no benefit to students at all such as public theme talk about "That" religion.... and wasted money for preparing buffet to them after every talk show...
i would like to ask them,why not to organize a conversation or "debate" about malaysia public transport or education?
i think every university students had their own opinions or suggestions with it.
aiks~causes of university lack management,every year are same and never been changed even 308 election had been passed.
Because of that,racerism issue always happen and never end even wawasan 2020...

何_llY_WoD said...

To Yang-Berhormat,

What The Story
Now Pak Lah , could`s may be say :
Now anwar can handle the Malaysia , i`m old N got so much complaning ........ I had maded final decision , i will retired in soon N pass the PM to Anwar...

The Citizen Malaysia will give Pak lah the last laught.

To YB Loke ,
kerana membaca bloger-bloger speech.
sekian terima kasih.