Thursday, March 26, 2009

The most "powerful" young man!

He was the most "powerful" 28 years old!

He was the head of the "4th floor boys"!

He is the most famous son-in-law...still!

He wants to be the youngest Prime Minister!

He was found guilty of money politics!

He was given a "warning" but allowed to contest!

He won the UMNO Youth Chief post!

And now...he is on his way to Putrajaya as a Minister!

....Malaysia Boleh!


Lee Wee Tak said...

Malaysia APA-APA Pun Boleh!

People talk abouth them American dream, well the Yanks ain't seen ours yet.

Anonymous said...

nothing is impossible in bolehland.

Ho_llY said...

What the storY

BN = Bodohkan Negara