Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ridiculous increase!

Media Statement by DAP Socialist Youth National Secretary and MP for Rasah Loke Siew Fook on Thursday, June 5, 2008 in Petaling Jaya.

Barisan Nasional government inconsiderate in the 40% hike of petrol prices and might even caused social instability

DAPSY strongly protests against the decision of the Barisan Nasional federal government to increase the prices of petrol by 78 sen and RM1 for diesel. The increase is amounting to 40% and 60% hike respectively. This is the single largest increase of petrol prices in the history of the country. There is not a single Prime Minister of Malaysia before Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has ever raised the petrol prices so drastically and unexpectedly. Although the increase was expected in some form, but the drastic move by the government will cause a lot of hardships to the people and might even lead to social instability with the potential of escalating crime triggered by the economic hardships.

The rebates of RM625 to car owners with engine capacity below 2000cc is not of much help and certainly unable to cushion the deep impact to the pockets of ordinary folks. Take for example, a normal expense of RM300 monthly for fuel will now caused RM420 which amounted to an increase of RM120. The RM625 annual rebate will only be able to offset the increase for 5 months. This is provided the usage is as low as RM300 a month. For those who have higher consumption, the rebate is of little help.

DAPSY slams the action of the government in particular the Prime Minister for misleading the people as far as the timing of the decision is concerned. This is the second time Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has not been frank in his pronouncement of major decision involving the public. The people had been misled once during the dissolution of the last Parliament. His credibility and trustworthiness of his words are at stake as Malaysians have been told to expect an increase only by August this year and not so sudden and unexpected. Everyone was caught by surprise and the panic and chaotic situation across the country yesterday can be avoided if the government is more considerate.

DAPSY urges the public to voice up their dissatisfaction against the government decision through peaceful means and continue to pressure the government to distribute the profits from Petronas to the rakyat especially those from the lower income groups. We will continue to speak up for the people both inside and outside of Parliament to ensure the government heeds the call of the Malaysian public to distribute fairly the Petronas funds which belongs to all Malaysians. If Pak Lah is so incompetent in managing the economy and the well being of all Malaysians, there is nothing more honor for him to do besides stepping down as the Prime Minister of the country.


KIMHO8 said...

Mainkan politik seperti main masak-

kerajaan yang rasuah memang suka medesak.

Ubah gaya hidup anda beramalan jimat cermat,

bilakah riwayat aneh negara ini boleh tamat.

Hollywod said...

kepada , Yang Berhormat,

terima kasih kerana membaca isu saya.... ,
apa yang saya rujukan adalah tindakan membatalkan caj Rm2.00 yuran lesen memandu.
1)kos susidi untuk rakyat kerana demi membantu rakyat .
2)kenaikan harga semakin hangat contoh minyak,padi,tepung,ekonomi,makanan dan keperluan harian...
bertimbangrasa demi rakyat membatalkan caj Rm2.00 yuran lesen memandu .
3)membatalkan tax-tax yang berkenaan untuk menunjukkan.......
-risiko tindakan tekanan kepada kerajaan bahawa kenaikan harga-harga menjadi beban pada pendapatan yang terhad。。。。。。

sekian terima kasih kepada ,
Yang Berhormat

jenny said...

Kepada Yg Berhormat En. Loke,
Beban rakyat semakin berat kerana kenaikan harga minyak. Dengan kenaikan harga minyak, bukan sahaja pekerja am mengalami keseksaan dlm kehidupan harian, maka majikan atau pelabur asing juga mengalami masalah yang sama kerana kos perbelanjaan turut menaik.Demi menanggung kos perbelanjaan yang tinggi, lebih baik mengakhiri atau memindahkan "business" ke negara lain utk menjaminkan keuntungan pelabur asing sekarang.
Jika Pak Lah masih tidak ambil tindakan yg sewajar utk menjamin kehidupan rakyat M'sia dan kebaikan pelaburan asing dlm M'sia. M'sia akan kembali kepada M'sia yg belum berkembang maju seperti hari ini, mungkin lebih teruk lagi seperti negara Indonesia.

Kepada Yg berhormat En. Loke. Kami harap isu kenaikan minyak dan masalah2 yang dihadapi rakyat golongan bawahan boleh dibawa masuk ke Parlimen utk perbincangan.

Sekian terima kasih.