Monday, June 30, 2008

RM2.3 million spent on Minister's office in Parliament

After the March 8 general election, the government has decided to allocate an office space in the Parliament House to all Cabinet Ministers who are based in Putrajaya. The reason is because they have to spend more time in Parliament now with 82 opposition members compared to previously when Ministers were hardly seen in Parliament to answer questions.

Their offices were ready before the beginning of the first Parliament session in late April. Guess how much taxpayers's monies were spent for them?

The answer to my parliamentary question is RM2.3 million!

The breakdown as follows:

1) Kerja-kerja awalan - RM300,000
2) Kerja-kerja meroboh- RM25,000
3) Kerja-kerja baru dan pengubahsuaian - RM670,609
4) Kerja-kerja perabot - RM594,200
5) Kerja-kerja Pendawaian telefon, smatv dan audio
5.1 Kerja-kerja telefon - RM186,875
5.2 Kerja-kerja ICT - RM51,500
5.3 Kerja-kerja SMATV - RM20,126
6) Kerja-kerja Elektrik - RM90,975
6a) Kerja-kerja elektrik di bilik cendaramata - RM10,470
7) Kerja-kerja mekanikal
7.1 Kerja-kerja penghawa dingin - RM35,520
7.2 Kerja mekanikal di bilik pantry lama - RM3,425
8) Peralatan pejabat - RM311,300


Tender: Rundingan terus (reka & bina) meaning no open negotiation.

The contractor who got this job:

Tingkat 13, Plaza Masalam
No 2, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah
E9/E, Section 9, Shah Alam, Selangor


AsAhmad said...
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AsAhmad said...

I wonder who does ISBUL belongs to or related to -to be precise- and also..why its a close tender..what happen to open tender concept..??..INTERESTING !!!!

p/s: sorry 4 d previous post..grammar mistake..

Moo... said...

Looks very cheap what. If we divide by more than 30 over cabinet ministers the figure is less than RM8k per minister???

Compare to the Rm 100 million spent on the roof, this is chicken feed...

Satu project dari Kerajaan BN.

Loke Siew Fook said...

The question here is not whether it is cheap or expensive. It is about justification of costs and whether it should be spent in the first place.

And the more pertinent question is why such projects are still awarded through direct negotiation? Why can't open tender be called? I'm sure hundreds if not thousands of contractors in Klang Valley can do such renovation works.

AsAhmad said...

It is never in my mind to be bias on any side..but looking at the issue alone...i have to agree with Mr Loke here, the question is on why now..and why is has to be direct nego..when we are dealing with the price increase of practically everything (expect for wages) ..why they need to allocate such money to do some construction if they don't yet have office spaces for them selves to seek refuge in..please la!...and they themselves ask us to spend wisely la bla bla bla.....

p/s: each day..i'm getting more n more menyampah of those decision makers.

Cookie Monster said...

i agree with YB & asahmad , its not a matter of expensive or cheap , main point is justification for the cost of tis project , they called us to change our way of life to cope with rising costs yet they are not showing by exmaple (says something but said nothing) . These RM2.3m belongs to the rakyat , they say want to cut cost for benefit of rakyat , yet they did not call for open tender to compare which contractors could offer the best deals, instead award it via direct negotiation. where's the transparency & accountablity ? (shuo yi tao zuo yi tao) double standard.............

Liz Yap said...


Anonymous said...

no choice lor , we can blame the following speculators manipulating oil prices to fly high.....blame those who doesn't practise transparency & accountability.....blame those who does not practise open tender....blame those who keeps on bailing out those ailing pet companies.....blame those who keep going for those useless white elephant projects.....if the money had not gone to the drain in such manners as mentioned above today our country would be much richer than say singapore & with those money in hand we could have used part of it to help cushion our rising costs!!!! haizzz....moreover our ringgit malaysia is moving downwards not up wards at this moment.....& ringgit had not recoverd to the pre 97-97 financial crisis level of $2.50 per USD