Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anwar's maiden speech as Opposition Leader

I am in Yogyakarta currently to attend a regional conference on social democratic parties in Southeast Asia hosted by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (a German political foundation that commits to the development of social democratic values). DAP’s political ideology is based on social democracy and therefore we are invited to share our recent electoral success.

I arrived here yesterday afternoon after attended the morning session in Parliament. I was eager to hear the maiden speech of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament in his capacity of Opposition Leader yesterday. Well, as usual Datuk Seri Anwar did it so confidently and “charmingly”. This is the charisma of a PM’s material. His choice of words was powerful and elegant. I only managed to follow 40 minutes of the speech as I have to rush to the airport. Not many in the BN’s bench dare to stand up to challenge him. The famous son-in-law just sits there quietly.

Anwar started off his debate by whacking the Finance Minister cum DPM for not present to listen to the views and criticism of the Opposition Leader. He jibed that maybe Najib was too occupied with his UMNO’s election campaign. He mentioned that when he was Finance Minister, he never left the chamber while the Opposition Leader (Kit Siang at that time) was debating the Budget

One key point he raised up was the projection of the government’s revenue for 2009 that is already outdated. When the budget was presented on 29th August, the revenue projection was based on the oil price of USD125 per barrel. 44% of our revenue derived from oil and gas related taxes and incomes. Today, the price of oil has dropped to below USD80 per barrel. That means our federal revenue will not be as high as projected.

With much smaller revenue, how are we going to finance our large government spending? This means our budget deficit will widen and be much bigger. This if not managed properly will surely have a big impact to our economy. It was a simple argument that everybody can easily understand.

The Opposition Leader urged the Treasury and the Finance Minister to table a fresh budget plan and take into consideration the current scenario and changes. All the projections for income and expenditure must be revised. Is that something too much to ask? It was a valid criticism but as usual BN will never take it seriously – in the words of Anwar – “keangkuhan kuasa” or pure arrogance of power!


P130 voter said...

I can sleep well today knowing that during the PRU-12 I did not vote in the "keangkuhan kuasa" BN goons, but instead voted you a rational thinking people's representative.

I can sleep well indeed.

P130 voter

P130 Voter said...

YB Anthony,

When are you scheduled to deliver your budget speech/debate? I want to watch it (Youtube it if you please) as I want to watch my parliament representative at work. Thank you sir.

P130 voter

Anonymous said...

YB Anthony,

When are you going to table a motion of no confidence as the opposition leader against Anwar.
After his 916 crap, many have lost confidence in him, many knows now he created 916 to divert attention on his sodomy allegation.

His horse shit does create some hassle and hoo-ha to bn but what the Rakyat want is the real thing a change of government and not for him to obtain cheap publicity or for him to get off the hook on his case.

He has contracted the disease of compulsive lying during his year in bn and that doesnt make him a good leader. Putting him there and having the a bn leader there doesnt make much difference, the scenario the chinese call 'lanpah pahlan'.

So do your job table a motion of no confidence against this liar.

Loke Siew Fook said...

To p130 voter, i will take part in the debate next week. Yes, i will put in on youtube.

To anonymous, it is not true that anwar created 916 to divert attention from his sodomy case. He has talked about 916 much earlier before the sodomy allegation arises. You think he doesn't want to be PM? We are eager to see "sky change" too...but let's be a bit patient. Changes is imminent!

Anonymous said...

His allegation was before PP by- election, YB double check please, how can we forget the day he hides in Turkish Embassy.

We know he yearns to be the PM and care less about the world, important is him and nobody else. Mar 8 was the message send by the Rakyat that we want change in government and that what we seek and not asking you to change the sky (deemed impossible).

Telling us to be patient, we accept but blatant lies and deceit, many will despise. He needs to own up and apologise to all the Rakyat, PR supporters and PR component party members for his show acting.

Dont perceive me as enemy, true supporters need to speak out on whats right and if you want blind followers, I suggest you join Bn (lately pak Lah had made the announcement).

Why do you think bn component party fail to have a voice, they gave in too much and that breeds an arrogant and bossy umno. Anything not right no matter how small the matter should be voiced out to inhibit the umno kind of behaviour.

See how arrogant and disrespect that umno shown to Koh Tsu Koon and believe me I was present when they laughed and joked on the issue. If Anwar is still in umno he would be laughing and joking as well.

In short, you want respect you should let known from the start that you expect nothing less because asking for it later will be like 'sky change'.
Do you want Dap to be the 'Gerakan' in PR???

P130 voter said...

YB Anthony,

I have a small request. I have been following the parliamentary telecast and I am baffled by the standing orders.

Can we common citizen get a copy of the standing order book or is it available somewhere on the internet?

Knowing what the standing orders are makes it easier for us to follow the proceedings.

Thank you.

P130 Voter