Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guangzhou at night!

Sorry for not updating this blog for the past 2 weeks. I went to China with a DAP delegation 2 weeks ago and was back before Hari Raya. Rested at home during the Raya break and is now back into action. Hope everyone had a good holiday and "interesting" period is going to begin soon with Parliament resume on Monday!

Would like to share some pictures of Guangzhou at night with all of you. Just one word to describe the few cities i visited in Guangdong province - magnificent!


Ho_llY said...

What The Story

WoW visit the Great China....

never had the chance to Fly on Air,
but I still had Friend (comunication) to China N over-sea....

Beatiful View , N why don`t see U inside_picture ?

P130 Voter said...

I hope you are rested well, my good MP. Come Monday, 13th Oct 2008, we (the Pakatan Supporters) expect you to be fresh, well rested and in tip top condition to make the current retarded government answer for their bad handling of various issues.

In particular, I hope you and your Pakatan peers will grill the Botak Clown Home Minister over and over and over.

P130 voter

Foo Yoong said...

Now that Pak lah has announced his intention to step down. Why is Lim Guan Eng has good words to say about him that he is one of the clean UMNO leaders? Before this Pakatan has profusely in wanting Pak lah to step down earlier. Even Anwar Ibrahim regards him as a friend and has some soothing words about him. If there's no choice but to allow UMNO in power, which UMNO leader do you find is of moderate in opinion and can work with all races including those from the opposition. Let us hear your views?

Liz Yap said...

Really good view at Guang Zhou, hope got 1 day i can fly to there to visit.

I hope can fly to Shanghai and Beijing too. I heard from my china's friend said that the china got many place to travel.

This month deepavalli holiday, i will travel to Bali Island , dun know interest or not.

Anthony, do u travel to Bali B4? Is it nice also ?

Take care.

OMGGosh said...

Fly with Airasia

Everybody can fly now ....

China have develop alot . We can learn from them .