Saturday, October 11, 2008

The end of Pak Lah's era

Our 5th Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced on 8th October 2008 that he will not be defending his UMNO Presidency hence will step down as PM by March 2009. What do you feel with his announcement? For me, I don't have much feeling. The sooner he steps down, the better. There is not much hopes left that Pak Lah can bring any goods to the country or realize the many promises he has made. When Tun Mahathir announced his retirement in June 2002, i did have some mixed feelings. Although he has done a lot of damages in our various branches of government, his contribution to the country's economic development in the 90s cannot be denied totally.

Pak Lah? Can anybody tell what Pak Lah has done to make Malaysia a better place in the last 5 years? He made a lot of "nice to hear" speeches in the first few months of his administration. Can you recall all these rhetorics?

"I want to heal the malaise of First World Infrastructure, Third World Mentality"
"Work with me, not work for me"
"All out war against corruption" "Pak Lah is Modern Justice Bao - courtesy of MCA's 2004 Election propaganda".

Did he delivers any of the above promises?

If he has done 50% of what he has promised, I doubt we can have 4 new state governments under Pakatan's belt in 2008. Pak Lah has not given up in his spins. He said that he will make full use of his remaining 5 months in office to push for his reform agenda; reform the judiciary, formation of a "Malaysian ICAC ala Hong Kong", etc..etc..

If he can't do it in the last 5 years in the height of his mandate and popularity, do you think he can do it in the remaining 5 months more so when he is considered a lame duck PM where nobody will really pay attention to?

We have now a new "incoming PM" - Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Do you think he can bring about genuine reform? My answer is NO
Do you think he is sincere to be a PM for all? My answer is NO
Do you think we can place our trust in this man? I don't think so
Do you think BN can ever change? You answer yourself

The only way forward for this country is the realization of a 2-Party system soonest possible. We must reach a stage where rival political parties must compete in terms of ideas, policies, trustworthiness, integrity and the ability to perform to win your votes. In short, we need the best men and women to govern the country!


Foo Yoong said...

Given your experience in Parliament and if given a chance to work with future UMNO leaders, whom will you pick to be fair mindness and could work with all races....Tengku Razaleigh, Muhyiddin Yassin, Nur Jazlan or Shahrir Samad etc.
Perhaps you can give your personal view. Being in the opposition does not mean toppling the government but also to find someone from opponent party to work with.

Liz Yap said...

Anthony , this is very sencitive topic, better dun discuss at ur blog. Scared somebody will 中伤你.郭姐就是一个例子.我不想看到你步她的后尘.小心为妙

Ho_LLy_W0D said...

To YangBerhormat LOKE,

What The Story

The Party Group (MCA,Party_GERAKAN,UNNO,Barisan Nasional) sudah takutlah.

Sekarang mereka Copy Topic: DAP
(Demacratic Action Party)
mau-mua berubahlah(Just Change),dan curi-curi idea perana yang luar biasa, tetapi mereka lupa perkara yang penting.

The Original always Winner till Future N Ever.

the old Word always useful,

Now Pak Lah , could`s may be say :
Now anwar can handle the Malaysia , i`m old N got so much complaning ........ I had maded final decision , i will retired in soon N pass the PM to Anwar...

The Citizen Malaysia will give Pak lah the last laught.

Anonymous said...

When are you tabling a motion of no confidence on Anwar as the opposition leader? His 916 crap have made many lose confidence in him and is very contagious, might even spread to DAP or PR as a whole.