Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cry for Malaysia!

It's a dark day for Malaysians and a big setback for our democratic system. I'm in ipoh currently and attended the pakatan meeting at the mb's official residence and later the pakatan leadership press conference as the picture above. A legitimate government elected by 54% of the voters have been forced out of power by the most undemocratic means. BN has robbed the perak government by crook. The MB has not resigned yet but the state secretary told him that he is no longer the mb and the SS is fully in command now. See how dirty are they. And the police including FRU has cordoned off the state government building and ordered all the Exco to leave immediately. Let us tell this to BN loud and clear, 'you might have won this battle, but you will lose the war'. The rakyat will curse you and throw you out!


sayadahbosan ULTRA said...

Yeah right.. the master -- ancient evil -- telling all the devils it is okay to do harm to others but not when the victims are us..

What goes around comes around brader anwar

Happy dreaming and dream on forever happily ever after


Lai said...

Hamba cannot defy the Raja; that's what happened.
Anwar has nothing to do with the coup. Even without Anwar, UMNO has been known for its money politics and parties-hopping frogs culture.

Remember S46? PBS 1994? PAS 1977?
Nobody ever thought a senior like Hee can switch her loyalty.
The problem is $$$. It's a lust!
It's a New Age God!

We should do some soul-searching and return to the true path of our religious basis. Do not be swayed by the evil's temptation.

Daulat Tuanku, you had made your decision. But without rakyat, there wlll be no kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Message from Hee Yit Foong POJ(not PJK) :
Kong "Hee" Fatt Choy and 5 Fock(Prosperity) Big Fock to DAP, to PKR, to PAS, a Bigger Fock to Perak and the Biggest Fock to Malaysia

And to all PR YBs : You "man man ngai", I have enough to migrate after this term, bye bye.

Anonymous said...

The only way the Pakatan can remain in power now is to have an immediate fresh cross over of 2 or 3 assemblymen from BN.

S06-987-0100929 said...

Dear YB,

The war is not over yet.

NaJ1S has just given us rakyat a greater/better reason to reject BN/UMNO.

Dear all Pakatan ADUN in Perak Darul Ridzuan, Sultan Perak and his prince are wise men. They must have good reason for this decision.

It is time to close rank, and be a good opposition team. With 28 Pakatan ADUN(s) you guys are in great position to provide check & balance for the benefir of the rakyat. The rakyat will thank you for it come PRU-13.

Also it is a good time to vet and identify potential candidates now among your party members to go into battle come PRU-13. Good candidates must be identified early and nurtured or groom to be future ADUNs/leaders.

I have a good feeling that good things will come out of this dark episode.


howsinz said...

Democracy of Malaysia has been dead.Please turn back Perak to Pakatan.

Hope 13th General Election, Pakatan take over the State Goverment of Perak.

kick bn out said...

not only Perak state, Pakatan needs to grab all states and federal as well in next GE, for the good of all Malaysian and our next generation.

Liz Yap said...


Whatmeworry said...

Don't worry, the people will not forget this illegal power grab by the BN. They did to Sabah in 1994 and got away with it and now Perak.

Do you think the rakyat will let them get away with it this time?

Yes, the police was super efficient here i.e. guarding the State Secretariat to ensure nobody gets in.

When the Selangor BN govt fell, no police was in sight and Khir Toyol and gang managed to destroy documents and removed files from their offices.

Anonymous said...

If the slumbering and pacifist Americans in the 1940's were awaken by the rallying call of "remember Pearl Harbour" and channeled their fury and energy into defeating the Japanese 60 years ago, let the rallying call "remember February 6" manifest its backlash in 4 years time.

Let the people be the judge.

Your Royal Highness, respectfully, whose opinion matters more? 4 unprincipled politicians or a million of your tax-paying citizens whom you have a sacred duty to oversee?

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

There were many DAP MP/ADUN who left during their terms. I felt sad because they betrayed our support. But, this HEE, I am so angry. Don't why we have this type of people in this world.

p130 said...

Dear all,

Please let me put some perspective.

In Perak Darul Ridzuan,

ADUN from BN (UMNO) = 28

ADUN from DAP = 18
ADUN from PAS = 4
ADUN from PKR = 6
Total Pakatan = 28

Traitor errrrrr I mean Running DOg oops sorry I mean Independent ADUN = 3

Total ADUNs = 59

Pakatan is made up of a loose coalition of three parties which do not have legal basis. It is a coalition of convenient at this point in time.

From a technical point of view, UMNO is the majority. I think the Sultan is sticking to the technical point of view.


Lawrence Teh said...

YB, a good article to share, but not sure whether you can read chinese...

Anonymous said...

YESYEH said...

YB, do you have a Mukabuku account? If not, why not open one? You will get your message across to more people. Teresa Kok has one and I see she gets a lot of support.

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