Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keep up the fight for democracy

DAP NS held a "Perak Political Crisis" forum in Seremban last night. The hall was packed with about 300 members of the public although it was only a 2-days notice. The crowd listened attentively and i felt their anger on what's happening in Perak and their spirit to play a part to keep democracy alive. We prepared a banner for the public to sign whether they "agree or disagree" that Perak State Assembly should be dissolved. 100% who turned up signed at the "agree" column.

I stressed that our struggle for the restoration of democracy in Perak must be peaceful. That is our No 1 principle. Our political enemy named "evil BN" are trying to provoke us with all means possible in hoping that we will retaliate violently. We will not fall into their traps. We must be careful and keep our vigilant at all times.

This are trying times but we have to continue our struggle to keep democracy alive. Show our moral support to our Pakatan comrades in Perak. We are playing our part to organize forums to inform the public of what's happening, issuing statements and we are also organizing a bus trip to Ipoh on Friday, 13 Feb to show our solidarity with the Perak MB Datuk Seri Nizar and his EXCO. Nizar has emerged as a true Malaysian leader from this episode. We vow to campaign as hard as we can to help Pakatan to win Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau with a much bigger majority.


Liz Yap said...

sorry for yesterday night tat i din attend the cempen. i am bc with my work.

Whatmeworry said...

Dear Anthony,

Any event organised by the DAP is bound to receive very good response from the public.

I am happy that the DAP's elected reps are responsible people except for that frog fr Jelapang.

However, I am not too sure about PKR's reps as some of them come with dubious background. That's why we have the current problems in Perak and Kedah.

Anyway, all the best to all of you who believe in a good fight for democracy.