Thursday, February 19, 2009

Parliament: Government allows 10 "Special Draw 4D" in 2008


LOKE SIEW FOOK (RASAH) minta MENTERI KEWANGAN menyatakan jumlah "Special Draw 4D" yang telah dibenarkan oleh Kerajaan sepanjang tahun 2008, kutipan cukai untuk "special draw" tersebut dan apakah rasional Kerajaan membenarkan "special draw" tersebut.


Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat, sejumlah 10 cabutan khas (special draw) yang telah dibenarkan oleh Kerajaan pada tahun 2008. Jumlah kutipan cukai yang diperolehi daripada cabutan khas tersebut adalah sebanyak RM77,026,171.04. Kerajaan membenarkan cabutan khas diadakan berdasarkan kepada keperluan semasa yang bertujuan untuk membiayai pelbagai program/projek pembangunan yang berbentuk sukan, kebajikan, pendidikan, kesihatan dan kemasyarakatan.

My comment:

We have received many complaints from members of the public regarding this "special draw" issue as the approval for "special draw" will increase the number of betting days from 3 to 4 times a week. I have raised this issue twice in Parliament last year and urged the government to stop allowing gaming companies to have "special draw". The Minister of Finance has evaded this question many times and very little information was announced in the media regarding this issue. Now i know why the government allows more "special draws" - to fund development projects!


p130 voter said...

And our PM soon to be ex-PM was championing Islam Had... whatever...

P130 voter.

P/S: Special shout-out to The Speaker of Perak..

Brother, you really got guts man. Salute to you.

Whatmeworry said...

The tax collected from these special draws was probably used to buy those frogs in Perak and to pay for the coming UMNO elections.

Anonymous said...

fund development projects ??? my foot......

there too many gaming companies in tis country eg: berjaya toto , damacai , magnum ,

they should merge into 1 entity so tat whenever there is a draw , ppl dun have to go to 3 different sides to buy 4d , gambling is the evil of all roots..........

wif 3 different operators , those illegal bookmakers business will be even more brisk business.....

even in my hometown sabah we had our own 4d companies eg: 88 & sandakan turf club......

for sarawak i'm not sure whether they had their own 4d operators....
there shouldn't be too many 4d operators in our country.

Chan said...

If the government need such kind of money to bail out their development project, then they should just allow licenses to open casino everywhere.. the move to approve more 'special draw' was just like sucking the blood of the Rakyats..I have many relatives been trapped into this kind of gambling and caused financial disasters within their families... those ministers like a Devil... Is this what Islam/al-Quran teach those ministers to be like this...???

Anonymous said...

"...RM77,026,171.04. Kerajaan membenarkan cabutan khas diadakan berdasarkan kepada keperluan semasa yang bertujuan untuk membiayai pelbagai program/projek pembangunan yang berbentuk sukan, kebajikan, pendidikan, kesihatan dan kemasyarakatan"

stupid inept answer. If I were to present this kinda of wishy washy answer in a company meeting, I will lost my job.

No breakdown, no analysis , no justification of benefit over cost. I can put a secondary school student to present this sort of no answer within an answer.

How am I gonna feel comfortable paying my taxes to this kinda people

Lee Wee Tak

总编辑 said...

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Anonymous said...

gambling is the evil of all roots , may b when pakatan become the federal govt they should consider clamping down on those 4d operators.................

Aaron Nair said...

I agree. All this gaming parlours have to go once PR comes to power. We should actually champion the cause of PAS in its efforts to clamp down on gambling parlours. There is good reason for this:

1) UMNO, the so-called 'champions' of Islam, are earning a fat load of commission from these gambling corporations, including that snakey Vincent 'Berjaya' Tan. Once we rid this nation of this betting menace, we would be cutting off a major source of income for the crooks of UMNO. And I'm talking hundreds of millions that can be channeled for rural development, welfare, etc.

2) Helping PAS champion this cause would endear DAP to the Malay masses. In fact, the tag of "Anti-Islamism" and "Anti-Malayism" would be nicely rubbed off our shoulders when we stand arm-to-arm with our fellow Malay Muslim brothers.

Hapuskan judi yang takbur, demi masa depan negara yang makmur! ;)

Anonymous said...

$ used for developing our country??

1)y sabah still remain poor till today ?

2)y sabah still faces blackout now & then especially after a heavy downpour?

3)y sabah's infrastructure is as lousy as west malaysia's infrastructure ?

4)y sabahans till today still command very little wages?

5)till today y some sabahans still earn a mearge RM400 or less per mth ???

6) how do sabahans survivie based on tis miserable wages per mth?

7)y sabah's cost of living is higher than some of west malaysian states ??

8)sabah got lots of natural resources yet the state is still very poor & pathetic , y ?

9)Sabah tourism been picking up over the past few yrs but sabahans still hardly ever benefit from tourism boom y ?

10)y many sabahan leave hometown & head overseas & never come back thereafter ??????