Monday, February 16, 2009

Parliament reconvenes!

The second session of the 12th parliament was opened by the King this morning. Today's sitting is only ceremonial and actual debates will begin tomorrow. The house will be in session for more than 5 weeks until end of march. All DAP MPs have been briefed by party leaders this afternoon to expect lots of fireworks and fiery debates across the floor. Recent political developments in perak will surely dominates the debate but we will make sure economic hardships faced by the ppl will be heard in the dewan too. I will raise the flip flop airport project in labu and will continue to press for abolition of kl seremban tol. Will keep you posted about parliament happenings.


hotack said...

do your best to speak on behalf the Rakyats...

Anonymous said...

Right on Mr. Loke. Abolish that toll as you mentioned. Serembanians will love you.

追梦者 said...


SCHK said...

use your rights and power wisely, we support you.

P130 voter said...


I trust you and your peers will continue to grill and ask hard questions to our BN-Goons Ministers.

I will also take this Opportunity to welcome the new MP Kuala Trengganu to the august house.

May he serve the Rakyat well.

P130 voter

p130 voter said...

I would like to comment a little on the Perak's happening:

The Speaker really got b4lls of steel lar... really "tabik".

If he ever comes to P130 and happen to come to my coffee shop, I will let him eat and drink for free. I will gladly belanja him.

P130 voter