Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank you for your support and prayers!

On behalf of DAP Negeri Sembilan, I would like to thank all of you who have showed your support, sympathy and solidarity with Sdri Teresa Kok during her 7-days detention under the draconian ISA. Your support and prayers have definitely helped her for an early release though she should not be detained in the first place. I am very touched by the support by the public who have turned up at our various candle-light vigil organized by DAP NS whether in Seremban, Tampin or Lukut in the span of one week.

Although Teresa have been released now, the campaign to abolish the draconian ISA must go on. There are still many detainees incarcerated including Raja Petra, the HINDRAF 5 and many others. We should never let the Barisan Nasional regime to continue to use ISA as a tool to protect their political dynasty and ensure their own survival.

Lets continue to stand up against injustices and our rights for a better Malaysia!



Ho_LLy said...

What The Story

The support always Coming........

Anonymous said...

Dear Anthony,

Agree, let's hope all detainees can be treated in a more civilised manner. Those who should not be detained should be released immediately, and those who run foul of law be tried accordingly.

The use of ISA may frustrate justice and transparency because due process of law is not followed. It may allow less stringent investigation work to take place as there is an absence of subsequent trial to check the validity of investigation work.

Lee Wee Tak