Monday, September 8, 2008

DAP rocks Kuantan!

Spent my weekend in the East Coast. I drove to Kuantan last Saturday to attend a party dinner organized by our Kuantan branch. I was in Kuantan 2 months ago for a ceramah with Datuk Seri Anwar and took the opportunity to meet some of our members there. They were planning for this dinner at that time and invited me as a speaker. I remembered that they told me they are not so confident in selling the dinner tickets as DAP Kuantan last organized a dinner many years back. They also said they faced problems in getting a venue, even a restaurant as some restaurants are afraid to do business with DAP as not to "make enemies" with MCA. This is the mentality in places where MCA and BN have total control.

Well, I am very glad to say that the dinner was a successful one. 70 tables were sold within 3 weeks and if the venue was bigger, more tables can be opened. There were 3 speakers from the central including Kit Siang, Teresa and myself besides our 2 Pahang state assemblymen, Leong Ngah Ngah and Chong Siew Onn.The 2 local MPs, Fuziah Salleh and Azan Ismail from PKR were there as well. The crowd response was overwhelming. There were a lantern festival function being organized outside the restaurant at the same time but the crowd were more keen to listen to our speeches.

And the best thing was there were many young volunteers helping out the dinner wearing DAP t-shirts. I really hope the dinner and the presence of a few national leaders provided a boost for the Rocket to take-off in Kuantan!

After Kuantan, we went to Kuala Terengganu on Sunday morning. It was a long drive along the coastal road from Kuantan to KT. It was my first time travelling along this road and i must say that it will be fun driving along this coastal road if you are on a vacation. Passed by many famous resorts - Club Med Cherating, Awana Kijal, Tanjong Jara, etc.. Took us 3 hours to reach KT and we went straight to attend a party function to announce the formation of 2 new branches in Terengganu. In my speech, i said that currently DAP have representatives in all the state assemblies except for Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu. With our presence in Terengganu, we hope to send at least one Rocket into the state assembly in the next general election.

Took another 3 hours to get back to Kuantan and another 3 hours drive from Kuantan to KL. All in all, we travelled more than 700 km yesterday!


Thim Choy said...

Well done DAP Kuantan...thanks to organise the dinner for Kuantanese. it has been long waited dinner from the people of Kuantan. pls organise more often in future. Although i was not able to attend the dinner last weekend, but feedback from my many Kuantan friends and relatives, it's fantastic and the locals are wishing for next one...once again well done DAP...Long Live DAP...

lizyap said...

YB, Loke,

Seremban got any pesta tang lung or not ? like u went to kuantan last week ?

please give me the details if got.


Loke Siew Fook said...

Dear Lizyap,

We are not organizing any lantern festival activities in seremban this year. But there will one in lukut on the coming sunday...the 15th day itself at our dap lukut service center

Liz Yap said...

Dearest YB Loke,

How u celebrate this coming festival ? with ur family ? friend ? or DAP ?

Hope u have a happy festival moon cake. eat more moon cake o!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YB Loke,
It'll b great if v can hv hv a candle vegil cum pesta tang lung to show our slient protest against the Umno bullies in a peacful,calm way,tonite...