Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Candle light vigil to support Teresa Kok!

Attended a thousand-people dinner organized by our Tampin branch last night at the compound of our Repah's assemblyman service center at Taman Indah, Tampin. We sold more than 100 tables and it was the largest dinner ever held by DAP in Tampin. The dinner crowd were very supportive and attentive. They stayed to listen to all speeches till 11 p.m.

To show our support, sympathy and solidarity to Sdri Teresa Kok and other ISA detainees we held a candle-light vigil during the dinner. The venue was lit up by more than 1000 candles. It was a very touching moment. I captured the above image from the stage. Although it was just a simple act together, it was very meaningful to express our support.

DAP Negeri Sembilan will be holding another candle-light vigil ceremony as part of our nation-wide Support, Sympathy and Support Teresa Kok campaign. The details as follows:

Date: 18th September (Thursday)
Time: 7.00 p.m.
Venue: In front of DAP NS state headquarters (near Lobak junction)
Contact: 06-763 4525

I urge supporters and sympathizers in Seremban to turn up tomorrow night to show your support. Our peaceful gathering and silent support is strong enough to show the regime that we are strongly against injustices and the use of ISA against civilians.


Anonymous said...

Dear YB,
greetings and salutations alike.i saw u in action for the 1 st time during a talk show over in awani. i was impressed because u were sincere , honest and frank.Malaysians need people like you! so keep on the gud work.
On the other hand i write with deep anguish because of the recent ISA farce.Its inhumane and evil
my heart is with those held under the repulsive act.god save us all and may the force be with us.

Rocky Jr said...

Hantarkan kad raya pada tahanan ISA ini

Gambar lama ini ialah kad raya seorang ayah bersama satu-satunya anak beliau, yang berusia lapan tahun ketika itu , iaitu lebih 6 tahun yang lalu. Begitu lama seorang ayah telah diambil dari seorang anak. Diambil oleh kerajaan kita. Puan Laila, isteri tahanan ISA tersebut, yang mempunyai blog Merah Hitam mengatakan suaminya akan merayakan Hari Raya untuk tahun ketujuhnya di Kamunting tahun ini. Dia memohon agar kita semua menghantarkan kad raya kepada tahanan ISA tersebut.

Alamatnya ialah :
Mat Sah Bin Mohd Satray,
Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
34009 Kamunting,

Maklumat lanjut di Blog Merah Hitam dan Rockybru

P130 voter said...

Vote of no confidence against Nincompoop on Tuesday 23-Sep-2008, Yippeee!

Latest from DSAI's press conference at 2.30pm today, 18th Sep 2008

P130 voter

P130 Voter said...


I have a question wrt this vote of no confidence.

Why should AAB reconvene Parliament on the 23.09.08 if he knows that he will have his B4LLs kicked?

If DSAI's request for a purposeful meeting is ignored the second time, then what next?

Foo Yoong said...

I hope nothing will happen to Teresa Kok. Though the police not likely to use physical abuse on her but they could use psychology ways to torment her. This could have phobia effect on her.
Since evil from mankind is too strong to be constrain. It is hope that divine can intervene to stop the injustice. Perhaps we can see some suffer from the deadly heart disease proves divine call for the bad they have done.

IloveDAPforever said...

Dear YB,
You & your team must have been very touched by the overwhelming show of support by the huge turnout of over 1,000 at the dinner.

The picture depicting the sea of lights is awesome!

It is hope with the tireless efforts and strong spirit of comradeship by all at DAP in organizing the many candlelight vigils & signing of petition, Teresa, RPK & Hindraf 5 will be freed soon.

cheguBard said...

kami dalam langkah solidariti yang sama.....

teresa mangsa politik perkauman...

P130 voter said...

Theresa Kok has been release at 1.30pm today (19th Sep 2008)

P130 Voter

Foo Yoong said...

Fully support Teresa's call to sue the government for wrongful detention of her. PDRM action of without checking the facts before putting someone behind the bar tells how much of unprofessional in the force.

Support Tan Hoon Cheng said...

Hi YB Teresa,

You have made Malaysian proud, I support your struggle. You are like a candle burning your self while brightening others.

Don’t be discourage by the whole episode, be strong, and rest assure you have our strongest backing.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Loke ,
I need your help, i stay in kg. baru rasah. In-front of my house the 'lampu tiang no. KBRC-B9-2' already spoil for 2 month ago , I and my neighbour have call many-many to TNB come to repair it but until now they still din come yet.
The problem is when 5pm to 7.30pm the light is turn on , but the light will turn off after 7.30pm until morning.
Can you help me in this case??