Monday, September 8, 2008

Now everyone can believe in CHANGE!

The tagline sounds familiar, don't you? Ya..i thought of it on my journey from Kuantan to KT yesterday. It was a combination of 2 great slogans and concepts. If you are a budget traveler, the first thing you think of is "Now everyone can fly", don't you? Why AirAsia able to change the way Malaysians travel so tremendously in the last few years? One concept. Reach out to everyone! Everyone is also a target.

That's one part of the slogan. The next is from the great Barrack Obama - "Change, you can believe in". Why Obama has been so successful in his campaign so far? One keyword - HOPE. And to make people believe in it.

Well, it is no exaggeration to say that the notion of 916 engineered by Anwar Ibrahim has successfully combined this 2 key concepts - reached out to everyone and provide a sense of HOPE. Tell me, who is not talking about 916 in Malaysia now? And the best part is many people whom i came across actually hope it will happen eventually.

My trip to East Coast over the weekend with Sdr Kit Siang confirmed this. Whenever i mentioned 916 or "pin tin" in Cantonese in my speech, the crowd clapped endlessly. I observed how ordinary citizens came up to Kit Siang in every place we went...the Kemaman Kopitiam in Kuantan, the restaurant we went for supper or lunch in KT..everyone in that particular place will come over to shake his hand and take photograph and expressed their hope for 916! Even the security guard in the hotel we stayed said this to Kit which i over heard - "Kita mau tengok ada ubah la! A Malay staff in a petrol kiosk was so happy to see Kit Siang. Everyone seems like meeting the Deputy PM in-waiting!

Well, this is a good sign not only for the DAP but for Malaysia. The Malays no longer buy the UMNO's propaganda that DAP is a "Chinese chauvinist" party. Malaysians in general irrespective of race or religion are ready for one thing - CHANGE. It is no longer a question of whether it will happen, it is when will it happen? The momentum of Change and the hunger for it is increasing day by day. Even 916 do not materialize, i am optimistic that BN will falls eventually.

Now, everyone can believe in CHANGE!


P130 voter said...

Dear YB Loke,

NSDK MB said:
SEREMBAN: Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said he did not think any Barisan Nasional (BN) assemblymen in the state would defect to the opposition and should it happen, he would dissolve the assembly and call a snap election.

"I think we will win more than the 21 seats we now have in the assembly," he told reporters after handing over financial incentives to participants of rubber planting projects here Tuesday (9 sept).

Mohamad had been asked if there would be any defections among BN assemblymen in the state. The opposition have 15 seats in the 36-seat assembly. (MySinchew)


Let him dissolved the assembly, this time we really kick his goons out.

P130 voter.

Anonymous said... about sabah , now got 1 vacant parliamentary seat , assuming Kurup's appeal was rejected by high court / appeals court , there's going to be one by election coming soon , so if opposition wins there , i.e. it will show sabahans also fed up with BN goons.....

fresh elections in NS state ? i hope oppositon will make a convincing victory here or clean sweep even best.....
Good luck Pakatan Rakyat