Friday, September 5, 2008

Lobak main road will be upgraded!

A heavy downpour yesterday afternoon again caused a flash flood in the main road of Lobak, Jalan Tan Sri Manickavasangam. Lobak has long been labeled as a "black area" as far as flash flood is concerned every time a heavy downpour lasted more than half an hour. During the last 4 years in my capacity as the state assemblyman for the area, i have raised up the issue many many times in and out of the state assembly.

Though the flood situation has been minimized with the project by the Seremban Town Council to widen the drainage system, the situation can be further improved. Motorists who use the road on a daily basis will concur with me. I always pressed the state government to upgrade the road in the last few years as Lobak is not only a residential area with many schools around but also an up and coming major business district in Seremban town. Just look at the number of commercial shoplots projects being developed along the area. The main road also served as an important connection to the North South Highway and Seremban 2 townships.

I have asked the question regarding "Projek Menaik Taraf Jalan Tan Sri Manickavasangam" in the last state assembly sitting. The written answer i received as below:

- Tender the ditutup pada 19 Jun 2008 dan proses penilaian tender sedang dilaksanakan Dijangka projek ini akan dimulakan pada akhir tahun 2008

- Kos yang dianggarkan bagi projek ini berjumlah RM2.4 juta dan peruntukan telah pun diluluskan.


P130 voter said...

Dear YB,

Could you please ask our flip-flop PM why are only BN MPs going for the "indoctrination camp" errr... I mean study tour?

If the government is paying for the camp errrr.. I mean study tour, and if it is for the good of MPs to upgrade their knowledge, why shouldn't other MPs be allowed to go as well?

I think DSAI, LKS, LGE, Nik Aziz, yourself should all go to upgrade your knowledge as well.

P130 voter

Lobak said...

For your area-Lobak, is there any 'e-aduan' service available on the website?

Loke Siew Fook said...

You can go to MPS website

There is a e-aduan section and it covers Lobak too.

Or you can always email me at