Friday, September 12, 2008

Crackdown begins?

It was reported in many news websites that prominent Malaysian blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) was arrested under the ISA at around 1 pm this afternoon at his home in Sungai Buloh. The arrest was made after 3 press namely Sin Chew Daily, The Sun and Suara Keadilan were given show cause letters to reply.

The Home Minister alleged that RPK is a "threat" to national security. As far as i know, RPK's "weapon" is only a keyboard to blog his views on his Malaysia Today website. Are bloggers or writers in Malaysia very dangerous to the society? They posed security threat?

I cannot discount the possibility that the arrest of RPK is the beginning of a crackdown on dissidents and opposition leaders to derail the plan for September 16.
I hope it will not.


P130 voter said...

Obviously Bloggers and writers are very dangerous... especially when they are able to expose government wrong doings and corruption.

That is why they must be put away for good and keys thrown away.

Come Anthony... stop the 916 talk and just do it.

P130 voter

Anonymous said...

916 my foot, if Anwar has it, he would have done it. Dont let this umno reject take you for a ride, man. He is what he was, nothing more nothing less, no matter what color it changes a chameleon is still a chameleon.

What is worst than an umno?
Answer : An umno reject

Whatmeworry said...

It has reported that YB Teresa Kok was picked up under the ISA just before midnight on Friday. Her "offence" was based on a police rept by the former MB of Sgor. If the rept turns out to be false, the DAP should sue his pants off.

P130 voter said...


The Rakyat is very very very angry.

Whatever you guys are planning to do... do it quick. Give us the signal.

The Rakyat is very angry.

P130 voter

Emily Pratt said...

Theresa Kok's arrest is clearly an abuse of power.

Pakatan Rakyat MPs should send a petition to The DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong about Bodohwee's abuse of power.

Emily Pratt

Anonymous said...

THE Qualifier For This Round Of ISA Game
Anwar top contender on the list, with a few selected PKR members.
More DAP men will join him in qualifying.
And of course, a dash of rebellious Umno to satisfy the public and instill discipline within rank.
Some of the PAS members will also be invited to join if they are insistent

Anonymous said...

THE Qualifier For This Round Of ISA Game

Oh! and of course not discounting on some wonderful Bloggers & NGOs as well.

Rakyat Jelata said...

This year Mid-autumn festival will be remembered...

The delicious Mooncakes has had it role in toppling the Mongolian regime of the Yuen Dynasty.

Now, the rakyat wanted to see the toppling of the hopeless BN government.