Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar arrested today!

Heard the news that Anwar was arrested from Kit Siang when we were having Bak Kut Teh lunch in Jalan Ipoh around 1 pm. After lunch, went to IPK Kuala Lumpur to give moral support. 4 DAP MPs including Kit Siang, Kui Lun, Kok Wai and myself went inside the IPK building led by a senior police officer. However, we were led to the canteen to meet up with other Pakatan MPs. Kit Siang advised all MPs to go back to Parliament immediately to raise up the issue.

All left in a short while as no one was allowed to meet Anwar except his wife and 2 lawyers. In Parliament, MP for Gombak Azmin Ali raised up the issue and riled up the BN MPs. A commotion broke out when Mahathir's son Mukriz said that "Rakyat mahu tahu Anwar liwat atau tak liwat" and "Saya percaya dia lakukannya". He angered many Muslim MPs when he questioned how one can prove that he was sodomised with the need of 4 witnesses in relation with Anwar's move to refer the case to Syariah court.

The commotion was cut short by the presence of the Speaker with one MP remarked "Guru dah sampai". I took part in the debate later but did not touch on Anwar's issue but recorded my solidarity with him and his family.

Looks like another political crisis is looming in the country. Let's pray that it will not happen. I appeal to everyone to remain calm and don't believe any rumours through sms. Pls verify first if you heard about anything bad.

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