Sunday, July 27, 2008

A productive weekend...

Well, it was a hectic weekend for me especially on Saturday. I think it was the most hectic day for me since 8th March..went for 6 functions on a single day. During the election campaign, i spoke in at least 4 ceramahs every night throughout the 2 weeks.

Attended the party's central executive committee (CEC) meeting on Friday night in DAP PJ Headquarters. CEC is the party's highest decision-making body. The meeting was probably the last one before the party's national congress on 23-24 August in KL. This means the CEC's term for 2004-2007 is up and a fresh committee will be elected by the delegates to the Congress. The congress was postponed for 12 months due to the general election. I have served 4 years in the CEC as the Political Education Director and glad to say that i have a 100% attendance record in all the meetings as i put CEC meetings as my top priority above everything else.

There is not much campaigning in DAP's congress unlike other political parties and i don't see the neccesity to do so. It's up to the delegates who they want to be in the CEC. My principle in the party is very simple. I never lobbied for any posts but if the party entrust me to carry out any responsibilities, i will abide to it.

I have to say that yesterday was the day that i met many of my constituents since March 8. I went for a lunch function in a Chinese temple in Rasah new village, one of the 4 chinese new villages in Rasah constituency. Hundreds of villagers were there. Later at 3 pm, went for a dialogue with the Chinese educationists group at NS Chinese Assembly Hall. The most pertinent issue discussed were the latest instructions by the Education Ministry to bar representatives from the Board of Directors of Chinese Primary Schools from signing cheques. They are worried that their influences over the schools' matters will be diminished with the move. I promised them to raise the issue in the coming Parliamentary session.

In the evening, my programme started in Ulu Temiang (an area within my Lobak state constituency). One local association organized a prayers session in conjunction with the "Kwan Ti" anniversary (a warrior during ancient China). Spent more than half an hour in the first stop.

My 2nd function was the annual dinner and AGM for Bukit Rasah Residents Associations, an establised residential area in Rasah where many local professionals and retired civil servants resides. The Chairman of the RA, Mr Keshvinder Singh is my former classmate in SPI. He handled the meeting so well and are very sincere in serving the community. Was given the privilege to give a short speech and i thank their support and pledge to work closely with the RA. Met my mandarin tutor who is a resident in the area. I also went up to Tan Sri Dato' Chan Choong Tak (former Sec-Gen of Gerakan and former President of the Senate). He is also the past President of Old Paulians' Association.

My 3rd stop for the night was the annual dinner of Wong Kei Sheung Wushu Association, a prominent chinese martial arts group in Seremban. They have produced a number of medalists in SUKMA and SEA Games in various wushu categories. Was given the chance to speak as well. Spoke about the popularity of Chinese kung fu today where even Hollywood adopted the martial arts in their films, the latest being the animated "Kung Fu Panda". I told them the word "Wushu" which is widely used in official sports events is neither an English or Malay word but a "ping yin" of the Chinese character. I also lambasted the government for not giving equal treatment to all sports associations in terms of fundings although wushu is a medal-winning sport for the country.

After 3 functions in Seremban till 9.30 pm, i rushed to Kuala Pilah to attend a Pakatan Rakyat's ceramah to a pre-dominantly Malay audience. Reached the venue around 10.30 p.m. and asked the permission to speak before Sdr Shamsul (PKR Youth Chief). Focused on whacking the state and federal UMNO leaderships and try to convince them that we should break the old political mould of racial politics. I asked them whether they have ever seen an MCA leader speaking in a Malay ceramah? I stressed that politicians of today must be able to speak up for all races and voter's evaluation shall not be based on race but on their performances and contributions to the society. I am taking the efforts to reach out to the Malay masses throughout the state and hopefully they will understand DAP better. Will be back in the area on the coming Tuesday with Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim for a ceramah perdana.

I'm supposed to rush back to attend a BBQ gathering among young DAP members in Mambau new village but by the time I reached Seremban, it was well past midnight and most of them aleady left. I am thankful to my comrade Sdr Teh Eng Kiong who drove me around last night. Last night was special in the sense that I delivered 3 speeches in 3 different languages; english, mandarin and malay. It was a day well-spent as i reached out to a very diverse electorate.

No rest on Sunday too. Went to the Seremban market where we have a weekly mobile counter to meet voters and receive complaints from 9-11 am. The MP for Seremban, Sdr John Fernandez will be there every week while other DAP assemblymen in Seremban take turns for their duties. Have some time for blogging in the afternoon and prepare my parliamentary questions (deadline tomorrow)and will attend a dialogue with abandoned house buyers in Mambau later in the evening.

That's life of DAP politicians...but no regrets about it. Happy blogging and wish you a productive week ahead!


OMGGosh said...

YB Loke

Hope your Sat travelling speed not over the speed limit . If not, you will get registered letters .

Waiting to see you in action again in 3rd Parliament sittings .

When is the Negeri Sembilan State Sittings ? update also the events on your blog .

Thank you .

Pengundi Melayu said...

Selamat Pagi YB ,

YB sudah kahwin ke belum ? Kalau belum, cepat-cepatlah kahwin.

We all support you. Very open minded. Hopefully all DAP leader think and act like you.

Loke Siew Fook said...

FYI, the NS State Assembly will be convened on 25-26 August. Will update the proceedings in the DUN later.

Whatmeworry said...

YB Anthony,

It's nice to know that you have been very active performing your parliamentary duties as well as your duties as an assemblyman. Must be abit taxing for you. However, I would like to hear what our MP for Seremban has been up to? I voted for him not expecting him to win but he did win, considering he didn't even bother to put up enough posters of himself. I understand Mr. John Fernandez himself didn't expect to win but he did due to the feelings of the electorate agst the BN. I do wish that he would make himself more noticed in parliament as well as in the performance of his constituency work. Seremban has been in the hands of BN for much too long. After Dr. Chen, it was BN all these while until March 8. Mr. John Fernandez must prove to the electorate that he's worthy to be their MP and keep Seremban in DAP's hands for a long time. Surely, he doesn't want to be a one-term MP? BTW, does he have a blog or an email address?

While I am writing to you, I would like you to inform my wakil rakyat for Senawang to drop by my housing estate in Seremban Forest Hts.(Phase 1). The playground is in a deplorable condition. Recently, 2 of my neighbours have taken the initiative to beautify the place and we hope the Council could reciprocate by maintaining it for us.

OMGGosh said...

YB Loke

Thank you for the NS State Assembly sittings information .

So far you are the only english language source for NS news and developments .

YB Cha's blog more focus on Mandarin language.

YESYEH said...

whatmeworry : I share your sentiment on the unavailability of Mr John Fernandez. I have also brought up this matter on July 18on this very blog.

So Mr Fernandez, if you are reading this, I hope you can start a blog so that we can channel our grouses on the Seremban Constituency to you. If not, looks like YB Loke will running the show for Seremban and Rasah.