Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catch Astro Awani 501 tonight!

I am invited to appear in Astro Awani (channel 501) live at 8.30 p.m. tonight. There is a live debate programme every Thursday night on a specific topic featuring 2 politicians from opposite side. I will be debating with YB Datuk Nur Jazlan, the MP for Pulai, Johor.

The topic for tonight will be "Different political views but working together to bring in Foreign Direct Investment". I'm preparing some notes now for the debate.I've shared same stage with YB Nur Jazlan before and found him to be quite a reasonable guy, one of the rare one in UMNO. Hope it will be interesting tonight.


Voon Yuen Woh said...

All the best to you, YB Loke! Break a leg ...

P130 Voter said...

Saw the program yesterday on Awani @ 8.30 pm.

The moderator (Mr Kamarul) was good. I like his style.

All the UMNO (MP Pulai) said was give BN some time because they are still shell-shocked from their defeat and that they have to be given some time to be able to work for the benefit of the country in a non-partisan manner.

YB MP Pulai... you are a nice guy, you are in the wrong party.

YB Anthony... not to bad, but you talk too fast, sometimes I can't get to hear what you say. Slow down and relax more.

By far an large, what you say is what the voter like me want to hear, pakatan or BN, it makes no different to the FDI... their motive at the end of the day is to obtain a favourable ROI. So get on with the job of the boring thing called " governance".

Loke Siew Fook said...

thank you for the comments...i know i always talk too fast in front of the choice, i am too used to talk fast especially in tv talk show..and in the dewan as well coz a pause in the middle will see my points being cut off. anyway, will take note of your feedback.

P130 Voter said...

Talking is an art... debating in the parliament is different than being on a tv show. You are talking to an audience and if the audience cannot follow you... then it is not very helpful to the audience is it?

Anyway, no problem YB, there will be many chance (I am sure) to practice. Practice, practice & more practice makes perfect.

You are still cool in my book.