Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Questions to abolish Tol


OMGGosh said...


Good Job!!!!

Hope once fine day we free of tol from KL to Seremban

But what about NKVE which link to Seremban ? Will there be a tol in Nilai area after we come out of NKVE to Sermeban ?

When can you ask this question again to Works Minister ?

Anonymous said...

Dear YB ,

if the toll from kl to seramban is abolished , my assumption is there might be other states also want their tolls to be abolished too...example from johor senai airport to johor bahru city area...there are toll plazas too...from kl to selangor there are also tolls....if kl to seremban tolls is abolised others should follow suit , wat do u think ?

P130 voter said...


Agree with your Speech regarding the toll abolishment. Keep up the good work, I knew my vote wasn't wasted.

P130 Voter