Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you have any questions?

Parliament was adjourned sine die last night at 9 pm after meeting for 16 days. It will meet again on 18th August for the budget session. I am back in Seremban and will spend the next one month visiting different areas in my constituency to monitor progress on the ground and to listen to feedback from the people. It is also time to meet government department heads to follow up on some outstanding issues. Anyway, I will be going to Kuantan tomorrow to attend a PKR ceramah with Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Will be back on Sunday to attend the royal banquet in conjunction with the Yang Di Pertuan Besar's official birthday.

Although we just ended our session yesterday, all MPs have to submit our questions for the next session by the end of next week! Deadline is 25 July and for my DUN questions, it is 1 August. Therefore, i would like to consult the voters in Rasah and Lobak to suggest if you have any particular question that you want to get an answer from the government. However, questions must be confined to government policies or the progress of any government projects or programs.

I welcome everyone to give their feedback ASAP but i will scan through every question before submitting and i shall reserve the rights to reject or edit any of the questions. I hope you understand my responsibilities.

For Parliament, i can ask 10 oral questions and 5 written questions. For State Assembly, can ask 6 oral questions and 10 written.

So, feel free to ask!


OMGGosh said...

YB Loke

Have a safe journey to and back Kuantuan. Give all your support to Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Will think over this weekend question for you .

HollyWoD said...

To Yang-BerHormat,
Go safely , play in given progres support ,N enjoy the Kuantan taste meal.
Oh !!(Jangan balik ke Seremban dengan memlupa beli ikan masin).
Ha Ha Ha......

Eric Chor said...

According to Utusan Malaysia (10/6/2008)
,PTPTN stated that they will decrease the 3% service charge soon! But now still no any news from them! Besides,the government stated that a Malaysian with income less than RM2000 or equal to RM2000 is considered a low income earner! But,now many graduates' income also around RM2000 if deducted the KWSP...Now,Rm2000 is hard to survive,don't even said that to pay the loan. So,should the government reduce the loan's interest!

Voter in P130 said...

Yes I do have a question:

This is directed to the Minister of Finance-

Why is the current RM 5.00 plastic note so brittle. They tear easily and cannot withstand the usual wear & tear as compared to the old note.

Thank you YB.

Voter in P130 said...

One more request YB Anthony,

Where can we read the on;ine HANSARD or equivalent for the NS ADUN sitting? I want to be in the know as well regarding state matters.

Thank you YB.

chan said...

Dear YB Loke

I want to ask only this question regarding the recycle program that launch by our goverment but I notice all the recyle bin is not collect and full with rubish...Maybe u can do something..

Chan ( Lobak voter)

jenny said...

Kerajaan sering menggalakkan rakyat berjimat dan cuba mengubah cara kehidupan kemewahan.Kita juga mengetahui bahawa PM, Menteri-menteri dalam kabinet, MB-MB setiap negeri dan juga Exco negeri boleh menikmati pelbagai elaun spt entertainment,perabot,1st class air ticket untuk percutian dan segala perbelanjaan harian sepanjang percutian. Adakah semua elaun dimansuhkan supaya boleh menjimatkan sejumlah wang yang besar untuk meringankan beban negara? Misalnya entertainment allowance hanya boleh ditebus jika ia berada dalam keperluan, perabot di kediaman rasmi boleh ditukar jika dalam kerosakan dan percutian dalam negara digalakkan untuk mencapai target kerajaan supaya bercuti-cuti di Malaysia.

YESYEH said...


The issue that I am bringing up is under YB John Fernandez's jurisdiction but I could not locate his blog site. So I hope you can address this on his behalf.

I just would like to know what plans the state government have for the abandoned projects in Seremban. Firstly, the two "man made ponds" in the middle of Seremban Town. One of it is on the site where Convent School used to be and the other one is opposite the New Gold shopping centre. Both of these sites are eyesores to the town and nothing have been done about them for more than 10 years. Secondly,there are the abandoned buildings in Kemayan Square which look like collapsing anytime.

State funds should be put to better use to revive these abandoned projects than be wasted on constructing sites like Dataran Seremban and that structure next to the intersection in front of Taman AST which I do not see serving any purpose in promoting the town.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB ,

my question will be a little off topic

"price disparity between East & West Malaysia"

its been long over due issue hope you could kindly help to ask relevant minister wat action plans had they come up with to tackle this issue ?

Thank You

P130 voter said...

I have just read the latest issue of "The Rocket" and in that issue I am glad to know that Pakatan in NSDK has formed a Shadow Cabinet.

Shadow Cabinet is a good thing, not just as check and balance but also as a training platform for our would be government (government-in-waiting).

My question is, if the DUN has successfully formed Shadow Cabinet, when is the Pakatan camp going to do it on the federal/national level?

P130 voter

Anonymous said...

To YB Loke,

We've nailed the DG & DDG of Imigration but the Foreigner are still here. Please get a team of task force to rid them as creating so many nuisance, littering and eye sores to the comunity.
Do check this place out Taman Bukit Delima Apartment in Seremban being named a China town with lots of Chinese nations around.

OMGGosh said...

Question for you

The traffic Jam in Taman AST area . The state govt. Doing anything in expand the road there . Next to it has empty land .