Wednesday, July 9, 2008

RM752,500 constituency allocation spent in 1 month!

I have asked a parliamentary question regarding the amount of allocation spent for Rasah parliamentary constituency for the month of January and February 2008 just before Parliament was dissolved on 13th February 2008.

The answer i received today is shocking. The Deputy Minister in the PM's Department answered that there was no approval for January but for February, a total of 96 projects were approved with RM752,500.00 spent! The total allocation for this year after March 8 election is RM500,000. Are you not convinced that this allocations were spent to fish for votes? Look at the breakdown:

1) Infrastruktur Asas - Jalan (4) RM170,000
Infrastruktur Asas-lain-lain (3) RM120,000
2) Pusat Perkhidmatan (1) RM100,000
3) PIBG (9) RM37,000
4) JKKK (34) RM102,000
5) Persatuan Penduduk (27) RM58,500
6) Program Kemasyarakatan (2) RM50,000
7) NGO dan lain-lain (15) RM115,000

JUMLAH (96 PROJEK) RM752,500

I have no problem at all if the monies were spent for the benefits of the people. But I can't not be suspicious if RM100,000 spent for Pusat Perkhidmatan (Service Center). Whose service center? The former MP Datuk Goh Siow Huat's service center?

I will dig for more answers at next week's Supplementary Budget debate.


OMGGosh said...

YB Loke

Please shed the light to us

Find out the truth for people of Rasah Parliament to know.
Rm 100,000 can be spend on upgrade the Rasah clinic or build one block of a school building.

May be former MP Datuk Goh Siow Huat or YB Dato’ Dr. Yeow Chai Thiam may give us some light.

Anonymous said...

must ask who is the recipient, what are the tangible results, was there any open tender when the window period is so short?

Lee Wee Tak

Liz Yap said...

真的很本领花钱啊!用钱用得太快了.又不见他们在一个月里赚RM 752500.00

求樂 said...


jenny said...

Mr. Loke ,

You must follow up for this matter. RM 752,500 not a small money and these money was belongs to NS peoples.......

DAP,if you think you can, YOU CAN !!!!

Eric Chor said...

Don't give them even a chance to fish for votes or "oil water" !