Friday, July 11, 2008

My Question listed No.4 on Monday

My final oral question for the 2nd Parliamentary sitting is listed No 4 in the Order Paper on Monday, 14 July. This is the first time in this session that my question is listed in the top 10 questions so it will definetely be answered orally by the Minister or his deputy. I have a chance to ask a supplementary question too.

Listed in the top 4 questions is a bonus too as it might be answered in the first half an hour during the live telecasts over TV1. So folks, catch TV1 on Monday from 10-10.30 am :) My question is on whether the goverment will implement "Dispensing Separation", a question the pharmacists are most interested in.


A pharmacist said...

I await eagerly for this question, YB Loke.

OMGGosh said...

YB Loke

Hope can see you ask the No. 4 question on live TV . Most of the 1 hour they will show interview a MP of BN . So sometime will miss other important question too .

Anonymous said...

my question is : when one visits a clinic to see doctor , after consultation , will the doctor personally go to dispensary room to prescribe medicine for the patient or the doctor will write down the list of medicine on patient's record card & later let the nurse go to dispensary room prepare the patient's medicine ?

in kota kinabalu , some clinic doctors will let their nurses prepare the patient's medicine , while some doctors will personally prescribe & dispense it themselves.
wherelese the nurse will serve as cashier to collect medical fee from patients.

why there isn't any standardized standards on who should be responsible for dispensing medicine to the patients in malaysia ?

based on my experience in singapore most of the clinics which i visited , the doctors will prescribe the medicine & the nurse will be responsible for dispensing medicine to patients.

wherelse in australian clinics , doctors will provide consultations to patients & prescribe medicines. however dispensary of medicines will lies soley on shoulder's of pharmacists.

Liz Yap said...

真的很期待看到你在电视出现.星期一,我一定会守着TV 1

A pharmacist said...

This is to reply to Anon:

In Malaysia, the law allows a Medical Doctor to dispense directly to his/her patient. The keyword is, the doctor must do it himself and not via a third party.

This means his nurses/clerk cannot do this dispensing job on his behalf, that is against the law. But if you go to any private clinic 100% of the dispensing job is done by unqualified "nurse" or assistants.

The system such as those you see in Australia is the acceptable norm in most countries. Even developing countries like Indonesia and The Philippines adopt the Separation of function between doctors and pharmacists. This is to provide greater check & balance as well to reduce irrational prescribing and "malpractice".

OMGGosh said...

Monday Could be a exciting day

no-confidence motion against the prime minister